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Sibilance in recordings: your experience the same?
To add some perspective to my initial inquiry, I use a Shunyata Hydra 4(Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha 20a power cord to the wall) for my CDP (Cambridge Audio 840C), pre (Belles 28A), and tuner. My amp is a Spectron Musician SE MK2, plugged straight ... 
Sibilance in recordings: your experience the same?
Thank you gentlemen. I'll stick with the current arrangement for awhile. Starts me thinking about these new power lines. I've seen some pretty ridiculous threads on burn-in (volume knobs??) so I won't even go there...for now. Really...what's the c... 
Best Diana Krall album...........is???
I saw her live before I owned a recording and I must say, I would take a recording of that date rather than have her records...for the exception of Girl in the Other Room. Her quartet approached the music in a minimalist/improvisational way...plen... 
Left channel sounds louder
I had an experience like that with a CJ 16LS. I bought it used and at first the volume was fine...until I cranked it up past 42 on the stepped volume control. After a series of cable/component switching experiments, I confirmed it was indeed the p... 
Subwoofers - Front Firing vs. Downward Firing
9rw: Please put down your ruler and zip up. 
Subwoofers - Front Firing vs. Downward Firing
In this hobby, can't one exchange 'white papers' for one's ears? 
Subwoofers - Front Firing vs. Downward Firing
Ptmconsulting: Your suggestion of turning the down-firing sub upside down interests me. Are you saying that this arrangement generally tightens up the bass some? With an active sub unit, are there any complications (e.g. heat dissipation, etc.) th... 
Cartridge for Scheu Classic 10" Tonearm
Liguy: You might want to post this question in the Analog section. 
Bookshelf Speakers That Bolt or Screw Into Stands
Sonus Faber Concertos. 
Spectron Mk II, is it really that good.
Zenieth: I understand the MKII version has been out/available for less than a year. Are you possibly referring to the Musician SE? 
Cambridge 840C or Rega Apollo CD Player?
DalOwol: I currently have an 840C and a Jolida 100 with a level 2 modification (through Underwood Hifi.) The tubes in the level 2 mod are not the same as in the stock model...I can't tell you what tubes they are off hand...so an accurate compariso... 
Don Gruisin- .....No Borders , Native Land
Don Grusin and Dave Grusin are brothers...two different people. Are they both GRP artists? 
IYO, Best speaker for rock music under $1k
Paradigm Studio 100V3. Multi driver, power hungry with great bass. 
Thinking of adding a subwoofer for more bass.
Check out this thread: Add a subwoofer to Von Schweikert 4Srs?I ended up adding a sub, an REL Storm III, and couldn't be happier. 
Larry Coryell at Jazz Showcase in Chicago
I saw him at the Dakota in Minneapolis a couple of years ago, accompanied by one of my favorite fusion drummers, Lenny White. Compared to an appearance there a few years before that, there was more of a connection with the audience and heart-felt,...