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Amp or Preamp With Built-in High-Pass Filter
I think the Emotiva audio preamp has a optional high pass filter.Mark 
There is no need to spend a lot of money - I would go with a used stereo receiver or integrated from the 90's. I got a nice little Sony ES receiver for $40 on the auction sight that did a decent job.Or new the Yamaha RX-797 or Harmon Kardon 3490 s... 
Probably any of the better HK/Denon/Yamaha/Sony ES receivers would be OK as long as you don't want to go too loud.Mark 
bi amp imrpoving?
Kal - why do you need a custom crossover? What's wrong with a of the shelf active crossover like the NHT X2?Mark 
Sony XA7ES is this still a top notch player?
I have the same question six years later. Would the XA7ES still be considered good? Would it hold up against newer universal players?Mark 
Got $ should I spend it?
You should also consider the NHT M-00 Powered monitors. They are on sale at and they come with a free attenuator box.Mark 
Got $ should I spend it?
For the speakers I would try for something local because shipping good speakers is going to take up a fair amount of that $1000. Be patient and check your local Craigslist every day. Good speakers priced at $500-600 do come up from time to time. A... 
Help buying fullrange speakers for $1500
You can get a pair of NHT classic fours new from a seller here on agon for $1500 shipped. They are very nice speakers (I love mine). But a pair of used Polk LSI15s for $800 or so would be really hard to beat for the $$. Mark 
bananas vs spades as terminals for speaker cables
Overall I think bananas are much easier to work with. With spades I had trouble getting the right amount of tension on the binding posts. To loose is no good obviously but I was afraid I would overtighten them and break something. With bananas you... 
Active Crossovers - What really works?
The NHT X2 is currently on closeout for $199. I just got one last week and am still breaking it in/ fine tuning it. It's a inexpensive but fully featured way to biamp. If you decide you don't like it you could sell it at no loss. Mark 
Can Frequency Sweeps Damage Speakers?
Most tweeters are not designed to play a single frequency continuously at high volume levels. They will overheat. I always thought that it was a no-no to play test tones or sweeps above about 80 dB.Mark 
Any NHT Classic Four owners biamping?
Thanks. A list of what you used would be great. What did you replace the internal wiring with?I was thinking of removing the subwoofer crossover (really just a low pass filter) after I biamp since I will be using a low pass filter on the amp input... 
Any NHT Classic Four owners biamping?
Cool thanks for the response. The tweeter mod is a little more than I want to tackle right now, but I would consider upgrading the crossovers. DO you have a parts list of what you used?I keep meaning to pop the back off and take a look at the cros... 
Good Radio Shack FM Antennae
The Terk FM1 is $13 at Best Buy. Which Terk antenna is $90?Mark 
Good Radio Shack FM Antennae
I have tried a bunch of indoor FM antennas - none powered, though. The best ones for me were the Terk FM+ and the Radio Shack folded dipole. If you go with the folded dipole than you will probably also need a 75/300 ohm f connector adapter (also a...