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Speaker pop on amp startup - 1 channel only
Rwwear - I believe so. It does it when there is nothing connected to the inputs.Mark 
Speaker pop on amp startup - 1 channel only
I did check the bias and it measures OK as specified in the service manual. Also the left speaker terminal measures 0 volts DC ~2 seconds after exiting protection mode - the right one always measures 0.It was checked out by Desco Service Company o... 
Speaker pop on amp startup - 1 channel only
4est -That is what I plan to do but I would like to figure it out - I want to know if it is something that would affect sound quality or if it is just the equivalent of a cosmetic issue.Mark 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Alison Krauss. Mark 
New music
2010:Carolina Chocolate Drops "Genuine Negro Jig"Natalie Merchant "Leave Your Sleep"2009:Nellie McKay "Normal as Blueberry Pie"Mark 
Two prongs power cable
I agree with Elizabeth - Just use a three prong cord. It won't hurt anything. A lot of audio gear only uses two prongs on the IEC - people just use a three prong cord anyway.Mark 
Speakers for a large room for around $1000
My room is very similar to yours and my NHT classic fours do a good job filling it with sound. You should be able to get them for around $1000 shipped used. I don't think they would be great for tubes though- they like power. Mark 
Any Neko Case fans?
I heard her on Prairie Home Companion last year and put her on my mental list of artists to check out. Can anyone recommend a couple of her CDs to start with?Mark 
Are the Clapton and allman brothers discs going to be new transfers or just rereleases?Mark 
Dealing with a large TV between speakers
Have you considered selling the TV and getting one of the new ultra thin displays and wall mounting it? You have some nice gear there - the cost will probably be relatively low. Mark 
Good Test DIsc
I am not familiar with the disc you refer to but Rives Audio makes a good test CD. Mark 
Johnny Cash
????? Newbrook- "Hurt" is a Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) song - Johnny Cash did the cover version. I read somewhere that Trent Reznor was very sceptical of JC doing "Hurt" but Reznor changed his mind as soon as he heard it. Mark 
Universal remote for audio only
I wanted the same thing you did but I would up buying a used Sony RM-AV2100 remote and am very pleased with it. They sell for $20-30 on ebay and can do almost anything you want them to do (full learning, very customizable, etc.) The only drawback ... 
Is my room doomed? Pic
I agree with Onhwy61. What is the angle between the speakers and the listening position? 
best speaker wire for buck
I just got some 12 gauge silver plated teflon insulated mil spec wire off ebay for a very good price. I am going to give it a shot and see how it compares to Blue jeans.Mark