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active speaker setup for samsung galaxy s3
Audioengine is a good choice.Alternatively The Big Jambox is not bad if you want real portability. 
Lightening and Tuner Display
Not sure what caused the problem, but I am sure the beer did not :) 
Amp / receiver to drive Dynaudio Focus 220s
2K is pretty good, You don't need to spend that much. I have the Focus 110 and have used them successfully with Naim Nait 5i and XS, only 50-60 watts. A very good powerful alternative is a NAD 375 integrated. I am currently using a Marantz PM 11S2... 
Amp / receiver to drive Dynaudio Focus 220s
Knowing your budget would be necessary to recommend an amp.I find Dynaudios work with a wide range of amps. 
When is it to hot to cut the grass?
Wet speaker cables
Put them out in the sun for a several days. They should dry out and be fine. I assume they have a sheathing around them 
KEF LS50 Integrated recommendation
Naim works great with these speakers 
Snell K/II V Information
I am a fan of older Snell K & J. Great deal and sound for the $Not sure about the "V" designation, but as to your woofers, refoam kits are readily available on EBay 
Advise needed... aka how to replace the Oppo
plus one 
Speakers that can be placed close to the back wall
a fewLinn, Naim, North Creek, Audio Note, Totemdo a search, you'll find more 
need help with outdoor system
What about Sonos? 
A Paypal Offer - Is This Secure?
Peter, I got a chance to respond to the Paypal dispute. What I said did not seem to matter, even though I had a timeline and was telling the truth. Supposedly my buyer produced documentation to them stating the DAC was broken. I never saw any, eve... 
Can a balanced cable be terminated with rca's
But doesn't this defeat the purpose of "balanced"? 
A Paypal Offer - Is This Secure?
There was no money in my account so they put it in the negative until dispute was resolved. In my case it was $2000, so if I wanted to buy something for $10 I would have to deposit $2010 into the account. When dispute was ruled in buyer's favor, I... 
A Paypal Offer - Is This Secure?
Indeed, I keep a separate bank account for Paypal only. I also keep a very small balance there until I need to make a purchase.The thing is, after a dispute Paypal deducts amount of sale from seller's account. If it is negative, then you must brin...