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Does you wife touch your system?
Winoguy17 you stole my response, too funny 
Any clear winners: small speakers/small room....
Clearly a subjective topic. Unlike Rich, I find the Spendor SA1 to be a very good speaker in a small room. Also like the B&W 302, go figure.There are dozens of discussions about small speakers in small rooms. Do a search.I have tried many in m... 
Looking for good NARROW speaker stands
These are great stands. Not sure the dimensions on bottom 
Worth Selling?
Check Ebay for comparables 
using a jumper cable - connect which set of post?
Try it, see which way you like best. I am of the opinion that most info comes out of the tweeters, so the connection should go there 
New but old fashioned looking speakers…
Audio Note 
Small Room Help
Sorry, meant 20 X 15 
Small Room Help
20 X 14 is not a small room. You have plenty of choices, almost limitless. 
Why do my rolling stones albums sound bad?
The original pressings of early albums sound good in the mono version. As Onhwyl61 says , it was part of their bluesy, raw sound . You are correct about the MoFi "Sticky Fingers" album. It is not a very good recording. Probably the worst of MoFi's... 
Get Stoned
Oh...I thought this thread was about something else :) 
Belles vs Naim amplifier, which one to choose?
"Lot of people recommended me to go for Naim nait5i and lot do not. Some people said they only charge for their name."No, they only charge for their Naim 
Best speaker for Manley itube Stingray?
Merlin speakers are exceptional with Manley 
What is the best loudspeaker for a small room?
agree with above, your room is not that small. many floorstanders will work. 
No response from sellers??
Try leaving your phone number 
Integrateds that pair well with Dynaudio Excite32
NAD works well with Dynaudio. Especially the 375 BEE