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Newfound respect for McIntosh
I couldn't agree more, especially about the low volume listening.Congrats!!! 
What speakers play the loudest cleanly ?
Tyler's PD80s. 101db/w/m. a hundred watts a side is all you need....350 watts per side and buckle your seatbelt!!! 
Any UFC fans out there?
I thoroughly enjoyed that one. Yup, that's another addiction of mine. 40 bucks a pop, better than crack I guess. 
Cambridge 840c
Unfortunately I am not familiar with the CAL. What I can tell you is the unit has broken in nicely. The CA840c does have a very smooth sound and it is very detailed. I wish I had more answers for you, but sound is such a personal thing. I would de... 
Question about Azur 640c Version 1 and a DAC
From what I have been told, combining transports and dacs can be hit and miss. I think attaining a great synergy is a trial and error thing. I'm SURE people will disagree. I didn't want to go that route, so I picked up the Cambridge 840c. (24bit 3... 
Transport fails to proceed
I feel your frustration. Half of the time my dvd player whirls and clicks like mad at times when trying to read a disk. The other half of the time it is fine. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to read a disk!!!Doesn't matter if its warmed up or not. I... 
Do you ever use the balance on your pre amp?
As long as your speakers are equadistant (I think that's a word) from your seating area, go for it. Since moving to the new house I have had to balance left 2 notches to centralize vocals. The room is not symetrical...what's a guy to do? 
Speaker disappearing act?
Cables, amps and sources also contribute to the invisible speaker! It is result of great imaging and a large soundstage. 
Cambridge 840c
Ngjockey, the unit has been running for about 27 hours now and it gets better and better every hour. I never thought a CDP would make such a dramatic difference. Out of the box it was very forward and even bright at times. Now, with a day or so pl... 
Tyler Acoustics PD-30
I have the pd80s with the sub amps. I do loads of quiet listening and I am amazed every time. When I am in the mood to ROCK they fit the bill and then some.You won't be disapointed! 
Cambridge 840c
C'mon at a time!!! I picked up the 840c today. So far all I can say is when they say "detail", they weren't kidding. 
Cambridge 840c
I checked out AA and it looks to be quite good. My dealer has the Rotel 970 for approx $1000, Jolida tube cdp approx $1250, Rega (cant remember model) approx $1250 and the Cambridge 840c on sale for around $1500. I am usind a Mcintosh c220 as a pr... 
Can I ever stand to listen to our system again
I have no idea who you are, but my prayers go out to you and your family. I wish you Peace, Love and Strength.Sincerely,Larry 
Mcintosh C220 pre
Well, you people are right again. I am guessing I have around 50-60 hours on this unit and what a transformation. It openned up quite nicely with much more detail.Thanks again!!!!! 
Video Specs for Dummies: "Home Theatre" + PC
TV's will have a factory default picture setting to make the Tvs look best with flourescent lighting (like you find in the sales center) You have to adjust the picture to work in your own setting. You may want to look for a calibration DVD on Ebay...