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McIntosh C220 tube pre-amp Thoughts or advise vs.?
Just bought the c220 a few days ago as well. Warm with great imaging, lush mids, easy to use, good remote functions and pretty darn handsome. Until recently I haven't had chills up my spine and been covered in goosebumps in a while. I can't see se... 
Any Cary SLP 2002 owners here?
I tried the Cary 2002 recently for a week. Excellent preamp. Compared to the Mcintosh c220 (not yet burned in), I found the Cary much more detailed and stable sounding, but I didn't percieve a good sence of imaging, in my system anyway. I ended up... 
Mcintosh C220 pre
I have no tuner at this time. I had a 1 week trial on a Cary slp2002 and found it much more detailed than the 220. On the other hand I found the 220 to have MUCH better imaging and allowed more flexibility in speaker placement. Long story short, i... 
Mcintosh C220 pre
Thanks for your time LFB44 
Donald Fagen's Nightfly - Love it or Hate it?
Just listened to the whole cd before I hopped on the computer. Great stuff! 
Cary spl88 tubed pre owners
Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it! I think I'll take one for a spin. 
Newbie needs help
One piece of advice I can offer is to take reviews with a grain of salt. You are better off doing your research here, and as Warren says, you'll want a BIG jug of aspirin on hand! 
Will I improve the qualitry of sound?
What do you feel your sound is lacking? Not enough bass, harshness, soundstage, not loud enough etc... One thing to remember is the importance of your room and speaker placement. A $3000 system properly set up can sound as good if not better than ... 
Music for "Tough Times"
Alvin and the chipmunks are pretty cheerful. I am listening to it right now and things couldn't get any better! 
Sacrilege Going from Tubes back to Solid State
Are tubes really that much of a pain in the butt? I am looking into a tubed pre for the first time. I don't mind learning new things or doing a little maintenance from time to time, but I don't want to have to be crossing my fingers every time I p... 
Will I improve the qualitry of sound?
If you are trying to achieve a better sound you may want to list your other components, perhaps you have another weak link that you are overlooking. I doubt the bigger amp will sound much different at normal listening levels. A speaker with a high... 
upgrade dilemna
Tvad, I checked out the VAC. The seller prefers to sell to USA only. Thanks for the tip though! 
upgrade dilemna
There never seems to be a simple answer. I guess that's what makes it so fun :-)Dave, you are right about the McIntosh, but I just hate the thought of seeing it go, call me stubborn!Larry 
upgrade dilemna
Sorry for being so brief in my thread. A tuner would be nice. I have heard great things about tubes but I don't know much about them (reliability, maintenance etc...) From what I understand, I believe I would be happier with tubes, even though it ... 
Has anyone heard of these speaker?
There was a local collector who was selling the speakers last year. I don't think there are many around, let alone for sale, If I recall correctly, they were Canadian and sold in the seventies or early eighties. Enjoy!