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Measuring speaker impedance dips
What are you trying to accomplish by these measurements?Nothing really, I have seen this topic many times and have been curious as to it's importance. Thank you for the responses, it does make sense to me now. 
Loudspeakers that go LOUD?
Look into Tyler Acoustic PD80s with the built in sub amps. Your 50 wpc amp will only drive mid/highs. These horns are NOT harsh or squawky. 
Portable Inspiration from your Favorite Movie
Waiting for a computer can get very frustrating. I would assume it is your RAM. I am running 1.5 gigs of RAM and I am doing OK. I know rendering on Premiere Pro is still very slow for me. My camera (Sony PD170) drops aroound 3.5 megs/second to my ... 
Portable Inspiration from your Favorite Movie
One more a search on video editing software there are loads of free 30 day trials out there.Have fun !!! 
Drive one nuts???
Arms and legs... Can't listen with 'em, can't live without 'em.I use memory foam, it's easier to put back on the next day. 
Portable Inspiration from your Favorite Movie
Providing you own the DVD you can always capture a scene or two using video editing software. I use Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. The software is fantastic, very user friendly and you can do all kinds of cool stuff. I have also used Avid, Vegas, and a c... 
Behringer DEQ2496 vs. DSP8024 as DAC
The Behringers DACs are CLEARLY better than my HK DVD25's. 
Fixing a dent in a whoffer cone
The simplest remedy would be to push the other one in so they match. On secong thought, perhaps you should wait for some better advice. My boy pushed in a 15 inch JBL2225 and I've tried everything to fix luck yet. I am eager to see what ot... 
electronics for pool table room
Just a pool table room? No video? Do you want multi or 2 channel system? How much do you want to spend? What are you running for speakers? Do you listen loud? What do you listen to?This may help to narrow it down a bit! 
Help please How to remove stripped screw ?
Get a dremmel, there are tons of attachments. You can grind a slot to receive a flathead screwdriver. 
Taking audio too seriously?
I took your advice and placed my speaker magnets due north to align the flux lines with the Earth's magnetic field.Good results but it totally screwed up my Fung Shei.I had the same problem. It cost me $180,000 to have my house rotated 12 degrees.... 
Have you ever deceived your wife-audio purchase
Very funny stuff, very educational as well. I'm headin over to the classifieds. 
Taking audio too seriously?
Nuguy - I would be very careful what I say about "hobbyists." They are very touchy. You're right, I hope I didn't offend anyone and apologize if I did. I have friends who think I have become obsessed with music who will spend $5K on vacations twic... 
New Subpanel?
IMO it isn't gonna matter, for a few extra bucks I'd use 12 gauge wire. I've read good things about upgrading your outlets, but then again, you can't always believe what you read. 
Where to sample music
Great, thanks guys!