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Problem with sub amp?
Thanks for the replies. The amps are class D, and it's not your typical inherent noise. There is definately a problem. I have not measured the hum, but I am guessing it is achieving 85-90 db. Not enough to do damage to the drivers, but like I said... 
Has anyone heard of these speaker?
I believe the are long out of business. I did a quick search on them a while back and came up empty. I have heard they are fantastic speakers though. I considered buying a pair last year for around 800 CDN. 
Problem with sub amp?
OK, the problem is in the speaker. I unhooked the speaker from the amp and the hum continues. Here is what's happening... I have the sub amp off (red light on), I can push on either midrange driver, the amp turns on (green light on) and the hum st... 
What is a 20 Amp circuit ?
I believe it's 20 amps X 110 volts = 2200 watts. 
Soundproofing Doors at Home Depot
You could just try a door sweep. They are used on the bottoms of exterior doors to seal the door to the threshold. They are adjustable up and down and they are easily cut to length if necessary. If you are not familiar this link will give you an i... 
Reliability issue- PL-L remote
I would absolutely DEMAND a new replacement. If they send the unit for service you could be waiting a number of weeks. Hopefully the dealer has a new unit in stock, if not, I'd wait for the new as opposed to waiting for repair. Let us know what ha... 
Reliability issue- PL-L remote
Seems strange, it's not like your remote gets hot and malfunctions. Hate to say it but could it be your preamp? Maybe you could try a universal learning remote and see if the problem goes away.Good luck! 
SPL meter subwoofer tuning
You'll need a test cd to generate various frequencies. The problem is unless you have an EQ you are only left with crossover frequency, volume, placement and probably phase.How do the subs sound now? Why are you not satisfied? 
Is matching sensitivity for HT speakers important?
As snowfun says, you'll be able to adjust the channels to output evenly. The lower the sensitivity the more power you will need to achieve a certain level of loudness. If you're into loud music I'd look at a more sensitive speaker. 
When the music ... stops. Or something
Track 16... The Eminen Show.'s a sample,remember the song changes drastically half way through. 
Will adding an amp make a noticable difference?
Absolutely, I added a Mcintosh MC352 to my HK AVR7200. The sound improved dramatically. Think about the cost of your HK and divide it by the number of amps (7), not to mention all the bells and whistles with the HK. You're probably looking at arou... 
Is it time to see a shrink?
Where does reality fit into this illusion? If you get right down to it, isn't everything an illusion?Nice to see you here again Mrtennis, my brain was getting a little out of shape !!! 
Onkyo SV828 THX runs very warm
Perhaps the pre stage is class A circuitry? I use a Harmon Kardon AVR7200 as a pre and it runs very hot. 
Wilson Puppy top lugs instead of bottom lugs
If you have the jumpers connected it doesn't matter. 
Any experience with Tyler Pro Dynamic speakers?
I've had the PD80's with the built in sub amps. I CANNOT handle brightness and I am very happy with these speakers. In fact, I use a Behringer DEQ 2496 and boost the highs slightly. When Ty says these speakers ROCK he wasn't kidding. I use a Mcint...