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Viagra for Your Ears?
Tgrisham,www.groommate.comThese work extremely well (just a satisfied owner). 
Who Can I send my dynakit ST-70 to for a rebuild?
It depends on what you're looking for from the amp. If you want to preserve its original circuitry and tone, I'd say Will Vincent does a nice restoration of the original with a few small upgrades; for a bit more modification of the circuit the Cur... 
Help with a Projector.
Most of the time I see this, I carefully check the optical path for an unglued polarizer, integrator or diffusion assembly; they often come unglued with age and heat especially considering that particular unit is somewhere around 10 years old. The... 
My Music Hall CD 25 just died
If it won't read the disc, I'd obviously suspect something in the optical/laser head assembly. At this point given its age, I wouldn't sink any crazy money into it - if you can have it evaluated cheaply, maybe clean the lens then I'd give it a whi... 
My Music Hall CD 25 just died
"Just died". Can you be more specific? Dead, as in no power, no display, no drawer, nothing? If so, it's the power supply, and any competent technician should be able to repair the switch mode supply used in this type of device for $30 or so (time... 
Best Rock Album in 2013
While I don't think you could classify him as 'rock', I will nonetheless highly recommend Pokey LaFarge's new LP on 3rd Man records. If you enjoy Dan Hicks and Leon Redbone (and frankly, who doesn't), you find this a top notch performance and reco... 
Burn in Step up transformer with ipod.
Get an inverse-RIAA device from Jim Hagerman. It does exactly what you're looking for, and it's a bargain. 
5751 Triple Mica - really that good?
Agreed, and highly system dependent. Tubes, like cables and tweaks are the audiophile's last bastion of tone control(s). 
High quality AC turntable motor
Win,But VPI use Hurst motors!! ;-)) 
High quality AC turntable motor
You can't, as they are now unobtainable, nor do I suspect most owners would want to part with them. BTW, the Synchrotron runs off of 12 volts DC, and outputs either 115VAC or 230VAC. 
Mel Torme
"A post for those over 80!"Don_c55, Your ignorance is doing you no favors, as you are missing out on some great music. Enjoy your tiny world. 
Magical Moving MC Cartridge
A scientific supply company, such as Edmund can furnish bamboo forceps for just such a task. 
Sleeper Debut Lps...70s classic rock
Try the first self-titled Little River Band LP (Harvest), as well as the first Garland Jeffreys LP (Atlantic). 
Best beer
The Alchemist - Heady Topper 
Galibier Teres Redpoint tape drive "LENGTH"?
The only problem with using a 1" vs 1/2" belt is the ability to manufacture a pulley that would properly fit the shaft length of most commonly used motors. Obviously as pulley length increases, run-out error at the crown of the pulley is magnified...