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Your last concert was to see who and when?
King Crimson @ The Egg in Albany NY a couple of nights ago. Rather amazing. 
"Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" on vinyl
Agreed. While I'm not disappointed in owning the vinyl copy of this, I'm not as impressed as I should be - I consider it to be one of the finer if not the finest of her catalog. This is an odd LP as well (a European release from Music on Vinyl), a... 
Turntable consultation
A lot of folks seem to be enjoying the relatively new Phoenix Engineering controller - it's a fair bargain as well especially considering it is considerably more advanced than the SDS. K&K Audio also has a new controller out that looks intrigu... 
Isolation disc for speaker spikes on wood floors.
Mcondo,I have nothing really more to say about them, aside from the fact that they work well under my speakers, having gone through many different materials, spikes, discs, etc (Herbie's decoupling gliders being one of them - I knew within a minut... 
Isolation disc for speaker spikes on wood floors.
I like these quite a bit: are used in combination with their matching spikes which I felt were a nice sonic improvement over the stock brass spikes that were supplied with the Coincident outrigge... 
Happy Birthday Lee Morgan
Certainly one of my favorite trumpet players of all time. For those who have never read about it, the story of Lee Morgan's death makes for a fascinating story: 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
"Living Colour @ the Empire State Plaza 6/4/14. Nothing better than live music."I was there as well. Great show from a band that shows no diminution of skill even after all these years. Last I saw them was close to thirty years ago at a club in Al... 
Problems with a Vortexbox Power Supply Going Bad?
Given what I've seen after a brief Google, it looks like the PSU is 12 VDC at 25 watts. Since the unit uses a switch mode power supply, any generic unit with the appropriate specifications should work without a problem - they're easily obtained fr... 
Best beer
Ptm,Bell's is widely available here in upstate NY. Try their Two Hearted Ale - quite nice. 
Best beer
"I like cheap beer, so I can drink more of it for the money. Pabst Blue Ribbon gets my vote."I can no longer tolerate insipid lagers, especially at 4.7%. That's a lot of trips to the toilet without much reward. 
Basis 2200 Bass Issue
You should also try to mass load the Vibraplane such that the system is supporting around 225 lbs (including the turntable). The Vibraplane is most effective (and sounds the best) when loaded close to its theoretical load maximum. 
Brinkmann Bardo and Tri-Planar VII-U armrest issue
You can remove the flat head grub screw that fixes the armrest in position, thereby freeing the the j-hook/clip arm rest assembly to swing up or down on its metal support rod. Be warned however that removing this grub screw will be difficult - eve... 
Wish List For Vinyl Pressings
11-30-2009 was the date of my original contribution to this thread. Likewise, you're welcome for an unabashed statement of fact. 
Wish List For Vinyl Pressings
"I'll never again touch anything(remixes/remasters) that Kevin Gray, or Steve Hoffman, have had anything to do with"Seconded. I'll add most Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LPs to that as well. The latest Dylan "Blood On The Tracks"? Nice job thoroughly ... 
NIN hesitation marks
In the same vein, try out the latest Gary Numan release, Splinter: Songs From a Broken Mind. Yup, that Gary Numan. A worthy contender to the latest NIN in my opinion.