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Tube PHONO preamp interference - RFI, EMI, bad grounding?
Sounds like a router or wi-fi extender/repeater.   I too would go with the elimination process described above.  It has to be something in the house (unless you live next to a broadcast transmitter or a ham radio enthusiast).  Good luck.  
Hattor Audio preamps?
I've used a Khozmo volume control/ "preamp" for several years now in two different iterations, and I would be hard pressed to go back to an active preamp despite having owned a few excellent ones through the years.  Sonically, it's about as transp... 
Solid State Phono Stages
@thiefoflight  Thanks for the update.  Honestly, your experience with both phono stages is a classic audiophile conundrum - what do I like better on any given day with any given recording?  Apples and oranges as they say.  Good luck!  
Solid State Phono Stages
Thank you for the update.  I'm curious as to your final assessment.    
Solid State Phono Stages
@photomax, Well said.  This has indeed been a very instructive and informative thread free of the destructive degeneration of most threads on Audiogon these days - kind of what it used to be like around 10 years ago.   OP, keep us updated.  
Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
@audioguy85, This is what we call a sh**post.  This is how entire threads get deleted. A completely off-topic little rant.  I'm glad you feel better.  
Blue Note Tone Poet Series
I love 'For Django' as well.  What I don't love is that pervasive low-level 8K(ish) tone that begins with each tracks' modulation and runs throughout (except between tracks).  Clearly audible even with alexberger's videos above.  It seems to bothe... 
For lovers of the 1961 West Side Story soundtrack lp.
I prefer the original Broadway cast version from 1957 to the film soundtrack from 1961 - far better performances all around.  If you can find it, this version is absolutely stellar: 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Joe Jackson - Body and Soul - double 45RPM Intervention Records reissue.  Fabulous.  
Impressions of Coincident Speakers
@bradf  My woofers face inward in my current setup, yielding a much better in room response (via listening and measurement), than facing outward.  Room is approximately 14.5 feet wide by 21 feet long, suspended wood-frame structure (I still miss ... 
Impressions of Coincident Speakers
Another long-time (12 year) owner of Coincident Total Eclipse II here.  I would echo Charles' sentiments regarding the speakers' low coloration, wide open soundstage, excellent dynamics and ease of load.  While I always have felt the rated 94+dB s... 
Line Stage Preamps that blew you away $2500 Edition
Another vote for Khozmo/Hattor.  Arek's latest passive using reed relays as opposed to a stepped potentiometer is fantastic (Takman REX/AMRG resistors) .  My former passive was a Slagle/Intact audio autoformer pair (a fine sounding unit in its own... 
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cables.    
Linn Sondek- Origin Live upgrades anyone?
I tried the 'Advanced' speed control box/motor back when I owned an LP-12 (we're going back well over 10 years) and was unimpressed.  The DC motor was decent enough, but the speed drifted like crazy since it was/is an open-loop controller, without... 
Trelja and friends in New York, 2004
Having been a member here since 2000, I echo the opinions of the last two posts.  One used to be able to have a meaningful discussion, and one could actually learn something.  Now, not so much.  Sad.  You know who you are.