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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Go.  1st LP.  Stomu Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve 
Are there passive attenuators that don't zero volume and only offer one input ?
I'm in agreement with mitch2 - the Khozmo represents exceptional dynamic transparency, and an attractive price.  I use a stereo version, with three inputs and two outputs, Vishay Nude Z-Foils and Takman REX shunts (carbon vs metal film of the REY)... 
Need Female BNC to Male RCA 90 degree adaptor...?
I work as as AV professional and have never seen that exact 90 degree configuration.  You can easily do it with two adaptors however - RCA F to M 90 and then a straight F BNC to M RCA. The depth (at the 90) would be the same, just a bit longer in ... 
Luminous Audio: Are They Still In Business?
Khozmo.  Furnish him with your system parameters (input and output impedance, speaker sensitivity, amplifier gain) , and he will design a solution for you.  Wonderfully built, affordable, astonishingly transparent.  It took a long while to dislodg... 
Question about The Doors Soft Parade Remasters
If you want the best sounding copy, the Analogue Productions 45 RPM version would be tough to beat. 
Clear Day silver jumpers or equivalent
You could also explore the bare silver options from VH Audio and Tempo Electric.  I own a pair of Clear Day jumpers, but unfortunately, they're still in use.  ;-)) 
Favorite Platform for Linn LP12
When I had that finicky SOB, the Mana supports worked the best.  It was a happy day when that one left the house. 
If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?
Benny Goodman January 16, 1938 Carnegie Hall New YorkStravinsky May 29 1913  Théâtre des Champs-Élysées Paris 
Rung in lobe and stapes
The Little Giant is a very nice and flexible ladder, but it's really very heavy given its size.   
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
Yup, old cables.  Got off the merry-go-round quite some time ago; there's too much music to listen to.  Some Gabriel Gold Revelation R ICs, Argent Audio Pursang S, and Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables.  I'm a solid core kind of guy, aside f... 
JVC DLA-RS25 replacement bulb
I work in the AV industry.The short answer is no.  You get what you pay for.  Sorry. 
DIY REL Speakon Cable?
I used three runs of 16g Duelund in a loosely braided configuration.   
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
+1 for Symphony Hall in Boston.  A benchmark of acoustics.  Other favorites are Smetana Hall at the Obecní dům in Prague: delicate, open sound.  Teatro Massimo in Palermo:  precise, weighty, immediate.  Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy NY:  pe... 
K&K Phono Preamp questions.
Since it appears you have the oldest version of the K&K, I'm guessing it will use two 6N1P Russian tubes.  Any of the newer PCB based units will use two 6N23P tubes.  I've tried swapping nearly every known variant of the the equivalent 6922/E8... 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
Electrolytic capacitors, regardless of size or manufacturer, are simply not that dear (exotic films being another story altogether).  I believe any competent technician should be able to perform this work for under $500, including re-biasing the o...