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Cartridge for Rega Planar 3?
Having owned all the Rega MMs over the years (Bias, Elys, Exact), they are all distinctly underwhelming performers.  While Rega makes a hell of a tonearm and turntable, their cartridges are lacking IMO. 
David Berning preamp..looking for suggestions
lewm,The EA-230 (great amp, btw) was the last Berning amplifier to use a linear power supply, so hearing switching noise from it would be impossible.  Every amp and preamp thereafter used SMPSs (we're talking the 1980's here, just to give you an i... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
reubent,Glad to hear you're enjoying it.  Cheers! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
reubent,Yup, that's the one (direct to disk version).  Enjoy. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Should you ever come across the 45RPM 12" single of 'Cannonball' from Brother Where You Bound, jump all over it.  Amazing sonics. 
Lansche speakers. Your impressions.
I've spent many an hour listening to Lansche 7.0 driven by a pair of Ypsilon monoblocks and have to say it's some of the finest sound I've ever heard - big, effortless, dynamic and lifelike.  If I had the cash and the room, they would be at the to... 
Music you Hated but now Love
Emphatically +1 Erik.  
Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP
Czarivey,Try out a first pressing UK Quad version of DSOTM.  Your hierarchy will change. 
Berning TF-10 to TF-12. anyone do that?
Even at the lowest volume setting (79), the preamp doesn't completely mute.  Nothing is wrong with your unit.  To completely mute the unit, there is a mute button on the remote, but not on the front panel (mute will engage the small dots at the bo... 
Should I upgrade my phono linestage first or the tonearm for better results?
" I have just ordered a Mint LP protractor kit, it is arriving next week. I am looking forward to more precise alignment than the DB protractor I currently use."I think you'll be more than pleased with this purchase, and this may end your desire... 
Cartridge Alignment
Try this free arc protractor:  All you need is the effective length of your tonearm, and the generator will make an arc protractor for Baerwald, Loefgren or Stephenson measurements.  Be certain you print it with... 
Cartridge Alignment
I'd try using an arc protractor - much more accurate. 
Advice on Phono Cartridge
IIRC, the Akito has a rather short headshell which makes it difficult to impossible to mount some cartridges.   Linn carts from back in the day (Karma, Asaka, Troika) all had the same small dimensions thereby almost necessitating the use of thei... 
Redpoint TT
I own a Galibier, and I believe the bearing design is quite similar.  Marvel Mystery Oil is the bearing lubricant on my deck. 
Bulk TV purchase for PA Nursing Home
I work at a large engineering university in NY, and one of our main suppliers is Gov Connection (aka PC Connection), as well as B&H.  Both have the ability to purchase in bulk, offer decent discounts, and work directly with manufacturers.  My ...