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Help finding rail fuses in an old B&K power amp
Yes.  However, if you can't easily identify the fuses, you have no business being inside that amplifier.  The power supply caps store a charge for a long, long time and could easily kill you if discharged through you.  Take the amp to a qualified ... 
Cartridge options going forward
I sent my Skala to Soundsmith for a rebuild, and it came back a much different sounding cartridge, and one I'm none too happy with in general; I wouldn't go down that path again.  I also agree that the price for a Lyra rebuild simply isn't worth i... 
Partly passive preamp?
I adore my Khozmo passive (with remote option and all the resistor upgrades).  It displaced my Slagle AVC. 
Religious music for less than devout
The Fairfield Four, "Standing In The Safety Zone".  And you thought you knew something about a capella gospel singing... 
Inherited vintage equipment please help!
Incorrect.  The Berning EA230 used four 6JN6 Compactron beam-power pentodes strapped into triode configuration.  Driver stage was 2 12AT7s and 1 6SN7GTB.  No EL-34s in the amp whatsoever.I own one. 
(Early) Elvis compilation vinyl
Elvis 24-Karat Hits.  Spend the money and get the Analogue Productions 3-disc 45RPM set.  You can thank me later. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Shawn Phillips - Second Contribution 
MOFI Yes "Fragile" UD1S (One-Step, Supervinyl)
 "Clean, QUIET surfaces with a wonderful black background!"So does it sound like a CD?  I'm not trying to be facetious, but if it sounds anything like the recent 45RPM issue of Dire Straits' 'Making Movies', then I'll most certainly pass, because ... 
Vibraplane part needed
It is a fairly crude part given the rest of the Vibraplane.  I would guess any competent machine shop could duplicate the part for you. 
LP12- Power Supply- Need education
@phoenixengr - Mark Kelly had two very unique designs for open loop controllers, the brushed DC controller being one of them. The other was the Synchrotron AC-1, which was an open loop controller for synchronous AC motors. That controller was the ... 
REL T5i Subwoofer Hum issue
Be certain the amp and subwoofer are powered from the same outlet.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Strangers From The Universe (LP). 
Add a volume remote?
Khozmo, with the shunt and series resistor upgrades.  Send him the input impedance of your amplifier, and he'll recommend the correct resistance for the build.  This unit emphatically replaced a Slagle autoformer volume control, which is no slouch... 
Isoacoustics Gaia II on what type of speaker platform?
I too tried the Herbie's decoupling gliders, and preferred my previous spikes better.  The Herbie's softened the mid range and high end to an extent I didn't care for.  I now own the Isoacoustics Gaia I, and couldn't be more pleased - pricey, but ... 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
Spectrum 208s were my very first pair of audiophile quality speakers.  Brings back some great listening memories.