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How do you high pass your main speakers?
I am in agreement with @erik_squires    Read this article  
Issues with heavy noise using RCA cable connection to Record Player
Why are you using something other than a phono cable? You do realize, that a the 2M red has an output of 5.5mV, right? You do realize your other components have an output between 1 and 2 Volts? So, your DAC has a signal 400 times stronger than ... 
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
Love the floating panels in sand! Hope you don’t mind if I copy that idea :) Ive built sand filled boxes to put under some of my components, but they are sealed boxes. The floating panels in sand are intriguing.    Wonder if using silicone to “... 
Why are People Dumping their Audio Research Gear and What Does it Say about them?
Curious where this mass dump is happening.    If I owned any AR gear I would certainly not be getting rid of it. It’s tube gear, which is ridiculously simple to repair.    Consider other gear that became unavailable, which went up in value once ... 
Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!
Well, it would appear the subject of this thread has been silenced…   ”His holiness master Kenjit has been silenced. This account is no longer active”   One can only hope…  
How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?
My cat never went near my gear. Did like to chew on wires though. For some reason, never touched any of my audio cables. If the music was right, he would sleep on the floor between the speakers.        
Help with hiss
Here’s another thing to try.    when amp in, connected to speakers with nothing else connected, try holing into the rca connectors and see if the noise subsides    other thing to check, is the DC on the speaker outputs if you have a multi meter... 
Help with hiss
Ghosts in the machine…   Such an annoying problem to have. I read through above but could not tell if the problem persists with only a power cord being attached to the power amps, and the amps being connected to the speakers. From what I gather... 
Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!
Funny! The pion took the bait Another see you next Tuesday moment from the Kenidjit.  
The problem with PLC
@kenjit    Worlds greatest audiophile, who longs for the great cd players of the 70’s   What a joke  
Are audiophile products designed to initially impress then fatigue to make you upgrade?
“Cd players used to be built to last a lifetime and the ones that were built in the 70's are still sought after for that reason. ” hahahaha @kenjit  You do realize the first commercial Cd player was released in 1982? So no, there are zero cd ... 
The problem with PLC
The clown, is once again turning the palace into a circus.   
Jazz like this? Suggestions
@clearthinker Only in limited quantities?    
Are you interested in the new generation of "old school" design loudspeakers?
Very informative video! Watched it a couple of days ago and enjoyed the detail he goes into regarding the design principles behind this speaker.   
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
I’ve generally been keen on having speakers that are higher sensitivity. Recently, I built a pair of Seas coax speakers. 4 ohm, 80dB efficient.  Driving them with a 30w class A amp wit( a large power supply  Not where my sonic interests are - or...