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Transitioning from Tubes back to SS
Your Cary amp will sound totally different after 100-150 hours on it. SS gear takes even longer. 
Any Derek Trucks Band fans?
Almond! LOL!! LOL!! 
Opinions on Full-Range/single driver speakers
How about the Audio Nirvana? 
Opinions on Full-Range/single driver speakers
"So your opinions are appreciated. I would prefer if you did not advise me to purchase your favorite speaker as that is not the type of information I am seeking."Just how do you expect a bunch of opinionated audiophiles to give you an opinion! Wha... 
Cayin A88T - My Favorite Amp Out of Numerous - FYI
" At present, I like it so much that it may be my last amp also."Famous last words! LOL 
Wither Jimmy Page?
It's not about their age. It's more about their bank account. When your rich your not near as hungry and just don't care as much any more. 
Charles Lloyd suggestions
"The water is wide" 
Cary SLAM 100 vs. Manley Snapper
Just listen to the two amps. Cary is a more reproduction type co. Manley is fine when it comes to PA but PA and home stereo are two differnt animals. 
Are Harbeths really "all that?"
LOL! Ha Ha!! Audiophiles arguing what's best! Buy and try! We all have our sound. Some like polite laid back and some like in your face. Ever been to a live show and watched the people run to the front while others sit back. It's all listener pref... 
Cary SLAM 100 vs. Manley Snapper
Aerial Model 9 vs B&W Nautilus 802
I've not heard the Aerial 9s but I have owned 10Ts and I've been told that the 9s don't hold a candle to the old 10Ts. If thats true then I find it hard to believe that the B&Ws would take a back seat to the 9s. 
I Changed the rig again
Yes it's class D. But it's the best one I've auditioned and I've listened to a lot. Including traditional A/AB solid state amps. Fully class A solid state amps have always sounded too slow for my taste. I've been a SET guy for years and just chang... 
I Changed the rig again
An Additive to my OP. The dynamics are much more evident. I'm just pushed back in my chair. It's amazing that 9 watts with the proper speaker can make you more on the edge of your seat 
Review: Elrod Power Systems Gold Statement Power Cord Power cord
Wow! It would take $46,200.00 to make my rig a full Elrod cable system. My system(excluding cables and power conditioning)at full retail was only about $40K! My 08 BMW M3 was only 70,000.00. I think I'll enjoy my Bimmer some more! It's hard for th... 
Emmylou Harris - All I Intended to be - Love this
Yep, Emmylou is right up there with the best of the best! Spyboy,Red Dirt Girl,& Wrecking Ball are amoung favs. Saw her live at the Thomas Wolf in Asheville NC with Bruce Cockburn,Tift Merrit,and Patty Griffin. One of the best shows I've ever ...