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Long USB Cable OK?
I would want it less than 10ft. 
Herbie Hancock, River: The Joni Letters
LOL! Audiophiles! Argue over anything!FWIW, I think the cd is not so bad. Norah Jones doing Court and spark leaves something to be desired but, overall not bad. I've heard a lot worse. 
Wilson Sophia II vs. Thiel CS3.7
IMHO the first speaker for an audiophile is the Vandy signature 2CE MK2 then the Thiel 2.4 then the Thiel 3.7 or the Wilson Sophia 2s, then finally graduating to the Magico v3s! Believe me or not from the Vandy 2CE sig mk2 to the Magico3 is only a... 
"D" amps, general discussion who's 1 and why?
Spectron and Nuforce don't use the B&O module or anybody else's for that matter. They use their proprietary module. 
Sell Hi-Fi and invest in stock market?
I would keep my rig! 
Spectron 3SE MK2 vs Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 S Ii
I can only be so specific. Yes, I've heard in my room(side by side) all but the new Bal Canto Ref 500s and the top Rowland 312s. There is just a staging,imagery that the Spectron produces that the others can't match. Yes, the A. Research 150.2, CI... 
Spectron 3SE MK2 vs Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 S Ii
The spectron is in a whole other league! If someone swapped a Spectron for a W4S, I'm sure they had other reasons than sonics. Or maybe the rest of their rig just don't reveal the better amp of the two. 
Clayton M300's vs Pass XA 100.5
I agree with all above,however that said, Go with the Clayton. It's a great amp. I've owned a few Pass amps amd while they are great! I'd go for the Claytons. Claytons have a way of doing it all. With Pass you have to pick which amp will work the ... 
resolution and imaging
Hi resolution is what makes high end,high end! We would all agree that our current rig is more transparent than our earlier rigs. It's about hearing more and more. Resolution in it's most natural form is where it's at. 
$ 2500 ....Stay with Vandersteens ??...what else ?
I'll tell you from expierence! Their might be some speakers(that cost a whole lot more) that push this or that, but Vandys always come through. If you build a rig around Vandys you'll always be aright. I've heard dealers say."Vandy's are fine if y... 
RMAF 2008 - Your impressions,...
Bingo Brianmgrarcom! I owned the 911 twin turbo all wheel drive 911 and your observation is the very reason I got rid of of it. It was loud,no space and rode like a go cart but, man was it fast. And it would do whatever you asked of it on the west... 
Do speaker cables really matter?
Wait til you try the S1 ICs! 
Best things 'in life'
Hi Swamp, Yea, we old timers know a thing or two about the great things in life! Bottom line is, as we grow older the person we find to put up with us is all we have. Find that someone and hold on to them for all we're worth. My ex-wife (who is an... 
Best amp under $6k, in your opinion?
the spectron blows away the H20s. Plus, anything I've had tube or solid state! 
Best things 'in life'
Wet P###y,Knob creek Bourbon,clean cocaine and a fat trust fund!