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Narrowed speaker selection down to 5 choices
Lrsky, Funny you should mention a panel electrostat in the equation. I had some Apogee Dueatta sigs. for a while. They were very nice. Still weren't neutral. But, man what a soundstage! I need dynamics now that I've heard it. Todd 
Narrowed speaker selection down to 5 choices
Missioncoonery, The problem with the Sophia 2 is the price. They're going for 10K used so they're out. The best I can do is 8K for now. Are the Sophia 2's worth waiting and saving til my budget can afford them? 
Narrowed speaker selection down to 5 choices
Rtn, I tried Cardas Golden reference and Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cables. Both of these have been warmer in my previous room. They helped some but took away in other areas. I just had to basically live with my choice of compromises. Well, I'm t... 
Are There Any Good, High Power Solid State Amps?
It's funny to me how Pass's pure class A sounds different from Plinius or Clayton pure class A. It seems that class A is not always what we expect. All that said, the Plinius or Parasound JC-1 Monos may fit your needs. 
Best DAC for PC audio direct to amp
Bel Canto DAC 3! 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Dcstep, I've owned a 2002 SMG BMW M3 imola red. Very Nice but it for 335I with 20" wheels and some BMW approved mods. It's real bad ass but looks low and slow. but, boy what's hiding under that hood! 
Pet Sounds: Most Overrated Album of All Time?
God help us all! Todays taste is all about not having to think or read into the music. Brian Wilson is a genius and was never recognized as such. Most geniuses are never recognized until way too late! I mean such statements as the above thread, Ch... 
the dead on tour again. ---two questions:
Peter s, Thanks for that cool link! I'll be listening for days now. 
the dead on tour again. ---two questions:
"Who is Warren Haynes?" That's like asking what's salt? He's only one of the five best remaining guitarist alive and he's from right in my home town of Asheville NC. 
Curious about your opinions new Pass Amps vs...
Go ahead. You'll love the X250.5! 
"Fun" Speaker As An Alternative To Revel Salon I
Go on and get a pair of single driver speakers (Cardersound Madison V2) and get a great 300B SET amp. I too have different speakers/amps for different moods. But, i find myself listening to my SET Single driver rig 80% of the time. 
Herbie Hancock, River: The Joni Letters
I'm going to stand on my own now! I've been listening to this some more since all the talk. This disc ain't bad! If your getting a lot of spitting then you might want to look into another DAC. I'm using a B. Canto Dac 3 w/computer driving via USB.... 
Pass X150.5 and Magnapan 1.6 speakers
If money is not an issue. I'd go with 250.5. 
Anyone on The Waifs?
Get "a brief lesson in history" Live! 
Peanuts from hell
Newspaper is the best packing material.