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Anyone seen audiophile lisence plates passin' by?
I would have never guessed. 
Czarivey, you forgot to mention TUBES being the only way to go. I have a single amp single wires great speakers and do not allow SS on my property. I simply used to biwire speakers that had the option to keep out dust. There was never any differen... 
Akg plus 1 I only biwire to keep out the dust. It never really seemed to help, no matter what type of speakers I've owned. BiAmping is the real way to go. 
Records with words with the letter S are slurred
Everyone else is just guessing? You have to start somewhere. Maybe Thefile will let us know who was right when the problem is fixed. 
Records with words with the letter S are slurred
Tfile, when you float the tonearm, when it is level, move the counterweight so that the cart end is slightly up higher than the counterweight end. Set the tracking force and anti skate, then play the problematic album and listen to determine if it... 
Isolation platform - Gingko vs Mapleshade
record out on integrated amp
want the best sound? eliminate all ss, and go tubes all the way. or, keep ss sound and try to be satisfied with it. half way will just keep you trying more things that will not help in the long run. 
Has biwire speaker cabling become "old" ?
I have bi-wired every speaker that I've owned that could be bi-wired, but never heard any difference in sound. Bi- amplifying is the only way I heard a difference. Just try it both ways and see (hear) what you like best. 
Nordost Tyr 2 Spkr Cables - Alternate for less $$
I use Frey and Heimdall IC's. Magnum Dynalab upgrades their tuners with Kimber Cable (I think) and Wilson Audio recommends that I use Transparent Cables since they use Transparent wire in their speakers. I have an all tube system and it(rewiring e... 
Nordost Tyr 2 Spkr Cables - Alternate for less $$
Shouldn't your speakers and components have Nordost wires inside them to, to be even more effective? IC's cables and power cords only go so far. What about the entire trail? 
Solid State amps with tube preamps
Just get a stronger TUBE amp. If you like tubes go all in. The AMP will have more impact on sound than the pre. Make sure amp and pre are a good match. 
Audio Set Up CD
Nordost system set up disc. Lots more than just 80 hZ. System degauss, pink noise, white noise, system burn in and more. Music Direct has them. I got mine for 24.95 but I think they are now 29.95 
Impact of speaker stands?
Set Symposium shelves between the speakers. Tweeters at ear level and short out the unused speakers with some speaker wire (plus to minus) or get stands and put Symposium shelves underneath or on top of the speakers and put the other speakers in a... 
Table setup/help in SE WI
Get rid of the 10/5...they bend way to easily.