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Tube integrated with real bass. Does it exist?
Cary CAD 120s amp, maybe bigger woofers is what you really need. 
Solid state power + tube pre or visa versa?
Tube amps always make the bigger (for the better) difference, but both tube amp and tube pre works best for me. Good luck. 
What would you do?
If you have no ax to grind then you should not have started a post you can't finish. Prove what you are stating, or people will think it's just bullshit. 
What is your recommendation on upgrading a Linn LP
If the plinth is nice keep it and maybe start with an Ittock LVII tonearm. Maybe some new springs. Linn makes too many upgrades. Diminishing returns do not always makes sense and are seldom worth the costs for what you get out of it. I've rebuild ... 
Tone arm upgrade
The Linn is a much better tonearm, and so is an LP12 TT/ 
Audio shops near Clearwater, Florida
DO NOT waste your time or money with the snobs at AV South. 
KT-120 tubes vs Gold Lion KT88's
I like the KT-88's in my CAD 120s. I am wondering if the bias changes much when running KT-120's? Do they run any hotter? I may give them a try. How much is a set of 8? Thanks. 
moving coil output voltage for cary slp-98
You need 1.4 mV to run a MC cart. You can try it first then have the pre modified if you need. 
Audiogon etiquette question
Message the seller with an offer he would not likely refuse, then ignore his reply. There will always be something else better or a better deal. Unless of course you made a lowball offer. 
Tell us your worst audio dealer or mfr. experience.
AV South in Tampa. Any time I've gone or shopped them. Never again. 
Total cost of ownership - how to reduce it
First of all, have the money to be in (no matter what you buy for a hobby) or get out. Keep doing the same thing you've always been doing, and you'll get the same results. If you pay for garbage you can't expect much. There are exceptions to every... 
Total cost of ownership - how to reduce it
Buying the best doesn't cost. It pays...at least in the long run. 
Cary Cad120s for Totem Earth speakers
If the Cary won't drive them, get different speakers. It won't be the fault of the amp. I've driven Polk Audio, Klipsch Chorus, Forte, Quartets, Linn Ninkas, Majik 140's, B&W, Lipinski L707's, Wilson Witt II's and others I don't even remember,... 
Tube recommendations for Cary Cad120s
Stock work well in mine, but I'm using Genalex Gold Lion KT88's and haven't had any problems. Always keep a spare matching set of tubes for back up. If one of your outside tubes went # 1-7 or # 2-8 you may have a cold solder joint out. People don'... 
Total cost of ownership - how to reduce it
You can still do it with tubes if you have reliable equipment. SS won't help other than it being less work. Anything can break down at one time or another. I've been very fortunate to have only a cold solder joint that had to be repaired on an amp...