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Put a Symposium Svelte Plus shelf directly on your rack or on your existing shelf if you have to then take the feet off of the turntable and set it directly on the Symposium shelf. Get some roller block Jr t also. 
Magnets won't work right. I thought of trying to use floatation for the suspension of a Linn Sondek LP12 at one time. You should use Symposium shelves with and/or Roller Blocks. They actually work. I ordered some for my system, and have more on th... 
too much acoustic treatment suck mids, shrill highs
Mid's problem? Carpet may be too thick. 
Opinions on Lipinski speakers
Doug, I owned the L707's for about two years and ran them in a tube system. Awesome speakers, but you may need a sub. I bought them directly from Lucas Lipinski. They image very well and sound great. I replaced them with Wilson Witt Series II. The... 
Input Requested on Possible Amp Change
You have good amps. I had the Cary v12 R and it's a great amp but does run very hot. The CAD 120's runs cooler and has better bass. Plenty of power and is a really good match with your pre. The amp should be in a rack that is open all around or op... 
Input Requested on Possible Amp Change
I have the SLP98P. Cerious Tech speaker wires. The CAD 120's is a perfect match with the pre and you will realize that the amp makes more difference than the pre. No need to go for the MKII due to the gain in the pre. I'm running Wilson Witt serie... 
What are some good tube amps that rock? KT88's?
gold lion's w Cary CAD 120's and a Cary SLP98 pre. Excellent tube sound and loud. Set the bias at 150. 
Drop ship components from a Wilson dealer?
I spoke w/ Jerron last year and replaced the Midrange resistors in set of Witt II's. Try Ron Kinnear Of Music Systems in Miami, he's a good guy and may be able to help or steer you in the right direction. 786-331-9012 best of luck. 
Help with speaker cable under $500 for new system
I second the Cerious cables. I use an 8 foot set in a tube system w/ Wilson Witt II's. 
Hum in one speaker?
Try turning on the turntable, turn up the volume some and move the tonearm across the platter slowly. If you don't hear a hum at first but do when the tonearm is moved across the platter, relocate your ground wire. Best of luck. 
What Cary items are you using? I use the Cad 120's amp and the SLP98P pre with Linn IC's. I've used Nordost rca's and really don't know what XLR's would do to improve sound. I even tried xlr's to rca amp to pre and never heard a difference. I love... 
Your Dream/Team Rock Band
Johnny Winter. 
Boomy Bass?
Rives PARC 
Bass Attenuation - best approach
Get a Rives PARC there are 2 for sale on the bay. One is mine. Selling due to getting my room completely done for stereo only. Nothing else but a chair in the room. 
Too Good to be True?
Roxy, thanks for the heads up. Everyone (at least everyone honest) should post warnings if they think an ad may be a scam.