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I remember Jesse Penna today
Another year Jesse, I promise you I will never forget. I think of you more with each passing year. I will play Janis tonight for you and for me. 
Danny Boy - Recommendations
Mickey Newberry. 
Need more inputs in preamp, what to use?
I would look at DBX 200 and 400 route selector. They are usually easily found on ebay. Good luck. 
I remember Jesse Penna today
I'll never forget Jesse, the years are coming fast, the hair is gray and the children have children but I'll never forget our friendship. It was 42 years ago this fall that we listened to Janis and sang so out of tune. I miss you my brother. 
Any Good Howlin Wolf CDs
The Howlin Wolf 3 cd Chess Box is still in print and is excellent. There is also a 2fer available, Howlin Wolf/Moanin in the Moonlight in print. The last time I looked CD Universe had both titles. Good luck. 
Audio Research Amp/Pre matching
I had an Audio Research VT100 matched with an Audio Research LS 25 preamp in a previous system and it was an excellent match. 
I remember Jesse Penna today
Brother Jesse, another year, miss you more with each passing year. Remember how we loved the music? There will never be another Janis. Thank you for all that served and waited for us to come home. I'll play "Piece Of My Heart" for all of us tonight. 
Nina Simone '4 Women' compilation
As a long time Nina Simone fan I purchased this box when it first came out. It is a diverse collection of 7 lps on the Philips label. I found the quality to be quite good and the as always the music is wonderful. I have an extensive collection of ... 
I remember Jesse Penna today
Thank you Jesse, Janis is playing, I don't care how many years it's been I'll never forget. Thank you all that served and all that waited and supported us, we all share a Piece Of My Heart. 
I remember Jesse Penna today
Sitting here playing Piece of My Heart for you Jesse. What a song! I miss you and wish you were here. Too many years Jesse, we were so young. I pray for all who went and those who didn't come back. I still believe we did the right thing and I know... 
A man with a flute
How about Herbie Mann? 
Johnny Hartman with John Coltrane
Just a side note, the SACD version has both the mono and stereo recordings. Your right, it just doesn't get better than this. 
Power Cord Suggestion for Audio Aero Capitole
I second the JPS Digital AC, I have one on my Capitole 11 CD player and also on my Marantz SACD player with very good results. 
Canadian Musicians
I would give Loreena McKennitt a spin especially "The Visit" cd. 
Your favorite Summertime Top Down Cruising music?
This will show my age, my top 3:LA Woman - The DoorsGimme Shelter - The StonesBorn To Be Wild - Steppenwolf