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Whats the word on Jeff Rowland pre-amps?
I currently have a Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier with a Conrad Johnson 16LS Series 11 preamp in my system. At one time I had a Synergy 11i with the Model 10. While I found the Synergy highly detailed it just never worked for me, it may be system... 
DAC Recommendations
Great description Newbee, no it's not bright at all but there is some mid-range emphasis. Actually in my system it's quite pleasing. 
DAC Recommendations
Thank you all for the recommendations, I thought I would update. I purchased an Electrocompanient ECD 1 demo in my price range. It's a very muscial piece, the sound is a little forward but very detailed with extended bass. It came very close to th... 
It's a Soul Thang
I agree with the above posters but also look at Isaac Hayes. Black Moses, Movement, To Be Continued and Hot Buttered Soul are all classic albums. 
Playing old reel to
I have been using reel to reel tape since the 1960's and have baked a number of tapes over the years. Go to and Good luck, hope this helps. There ia a... 
The Last Waltz : The Band
I have this title on cd in multiple releases and find the 4 cd box the best sound quality on cd. If you are into vinyl the rhinohandmade vinyl box is outstanding. 
Isolation platform for non suspended turntable?
I would look also look at they make Isolation Bases for your specific table. 
How to build your own tube amplifier?
A few years ago I built an amplifier from a kit from Audio Electronic Supply, a division of Cary Audio. It was a great deal of fun and the amplifier sounded wonderful. Go to 
Preamp with near-reference quality built in phono?
If you can live without a remote, I would would look at Klyne Audio Arts. Stan makes one of the best preamps with phonos in high end audio. 
How is your many titles in your digital collection
5500+ -CD117-SACD75+-DVD Video(mostly music videos, concerts, ect) 
New Beatle's Remasters
They are the first 4 American Beatle LPS, Meet The Beatles, The Beatles Second Album, Something New and Beatles 65. 
A'gon Classified or Auction - Which do you prefer?
I very seldom look at the auctions, the opening bid or reserve price is almost always at or above used pricing. It has been my long experience that there are very few bargins in auctions for the buyer, it is a seller's medium. 
Thoughts on PS Audio Ultralink II
I purchased the original Ultralink when it first came out and upgraded to the Utralink 11 HDCD(2200.00) when it became available. I still have the 11 in my system and use it with my studio DAT player and recorder. It was a class A product during i... 
Jazz Piano?
One of my favorites is Gene Harris, with the Three Sounds or his trio. You just can't go wrong with Gene Harris. 
Is it worth spending $10k on CD-only player today?
Like many others I was also in the same place. I have a large cd collection(6K) so I purchased the best cd player I could afford. I was also interested in SACD and purchased a mid price(3K) SACD player. While I love the sound of SACD( I have a lit...