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Looking for suggestions for a 'new' cassette deck
I would take a look at Tascam, they still make great sounding cassette decks. You may also want to look at DAT, I have 2 in my system for over 10 years without any problems at all. DAT tapes are readly available and you can record 2 hours of music... 
Starting a high-end audio shop... Am I crazy?
My best advice is to keep your day job, at least at first. As a life long music lover I became a partner in an independent record store. Started out with three stores and ended up with barely one. Learned a lot, met a lot of great people, collecte... 
I remember Jesse Penna today
It's been another year Jesse, you are still in my heart. Semper Fi my brother. 
Vandersteen model5a vrs Montanas
I had a pair of Vandersteen Fives for about 2 years before I upgraded to Montana. I have to disagree with the above post about Montana's not being accurate. In my system and my room the Montanas out performed the Vandersteen in just about every li... 
I have used computer DAT tapes for years with no ill effect. Many prefer computer grade DAT as it comes off more from the center of the roll than audio DATs and has less drops outs. Computer applications are more demanding than audio as they are u... 
What is the best Frank Sinatra CD?
My favorite Sinatra album is Francis A. & Edward K. The remastered cd is very nice sounding and if you can find the vinyl it is exceptional. By the way Edward K is Duke Ellington. 
hum from nearby high-tension wires?
While it is true that the studies are mixed there are studies showing that exposure to electromagnetic fields have adverse effect on cells at the chromosomal level as well as the immune system. There may also be a relationship to certain cancers a... 
Reel to reel deck -Talk me in or out of buying
I have had various reel to reel decks in my system for almost 40 years and still play one frequently. Blank tape are still available but the choices are quite limited compared to the past. If you are interested in pre-recorded tapes they are still... 
What tubes are in your Cary 805c?
I no longer have the 805s but when I did I used NOS Tung Sol 6SL7, Western Electric 300B(current production) and NOS RCA output tubes(very expensive and hard to find) but the sound was excellent. I upgraded speakers and needed more power so I sold... 
Best Gene Pitney collection...sonically?.....
Sequel Records/Castle released a number of cd 2/fers in 1996 on import cd. While there wasn't a greatest hits cd all the hits were scattered over the cds. The sound is very listenable but not audiophile quality. I don't know if they are still in p... 
Where are you from this Christmas..
Happy Christmas from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 
How Long Has This Been Goin' On - what artists?
Yes it is a Gershwin song, a jazz classic performed by many including my favorite, Duke Ellington. 
Music your wife will listen to and leave you alone
Anything by Diamanda Galas and everyone will leave you alone. 
Is the Kab Speedstrobe necessary with the VPI SDS?
I have the VPI SDS hooked up to my Aries table and used the KAB Speedstrobe to accurately set the SDS to 331/3 and 45. The SDS can be set in very small increments to accurately obtain both speeds. 
Tonearms for new Linn LP 12
I had an Audioquest tonearm on my Linn for years and the current PT 9 Basic arm retails for 550.00. They are exceptional arms at their price point and work well with Linns.