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SACD is it worth it?
I have about 150 SACDs in my collection and enjoy them immensely. SACD done right is a great format but not all SACDs and SACD players are equal. I believe that SACD will become a niche market and we will never see huge catalogs of music available... 
Red Trumpet still in business?
I have been a customer of Ricks before Red Trumpet and have always found him to be a stand up guy but I have to admit I am disappointed that he didn't inform his loyal customers about going out of business. Like many others I have a number of piec... 
Conrad Johnson Premier 15/2 Phono Amp
I had the CJ phono in my system with the CJ 16LS Series 2 preamp and upgraded to the Manley Steelhead. In my system the Manley has more bloom and is more extended at the frequency extremes. I also found it significantly more flexable than the CJ w... 
What 4 or 5 sacds should I have?
1. The Girl In The Other Room -Diana Krall2. Sisters and Brothers- Eric Bibb,Rory Block,Maria Muldaur3. Motown-Michael McDonald4. The Red Hot Ray Brown Band5. Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane 
Headphone connect direct to Amp
I believe that the AKG K1000 headphones connect directly to the speaker post of an amp. 
Is Diana Krall "Live in Paris" out on vinyl?
I have "The Girl In The Other Room on vinyl" but have not seen her other titles released on vinyl. 
What Was Thrown Off the Tallahatchie Bridge?
An engagement ring. By the way R Burke, Carly's song, she was talking about Warren Beatty that was so vain. 
Whose sorry now? Sellers remorse from selling amp.
I sold a Nobis Cantabile about 10 years ago and still miss it. It was the sweetest little 35 Watt EL 34 based amplifier I have ever heard. At the time I had horn loudspeakers and it was a perfect match. 
Jeff Rowland Phono Stage
I had the Cadence in my system for about 2 years and found it a very flexable piece with overall excellent sound. I upgraded to a Manley Steelhead to get that extra tube bloom and extension. Probably a matter of personal perference of tube over a ... 
Jeff Rowland amp owners: What's your pre-amp??
I use a Conrad Johnson 16LS Series 2 with a Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier. It's a great match of solid state and tubes. 
Just got home from a Dylan concert
I first saw Bob Dylan in 1965 and many times since, you never know which Dylan will show up. It's like the opening line in The Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times and the worst of times" But whatever it was it was it is always entertaini... 
ARC Ref3 and Rowland 201 a good match?
I can only speak in general terms concering Audio Research and Jeff Rowland electronics. I had an Audio Research LS 25 MK2 and a Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier in my system for a number of years and it was a great match. I used the balanced mode ... 
Speaker Wire for a non-anal listener
I would also look at the entry level speaker cables from Nordost, 2 Flat, 4 Flat and the Flatline. They are priced right and are exceptional at their price point. 
Which CD player should I go for? AA, EC, Audiomeca
I have both the Audiomeca Mephisto 11.X and the Electrocompaninet ECD 1 DAC which I believe uses the same digital chips as the CDP in my system. I have a large DAT collection and use the ECD 1 DAC for playback. I could easily live with either unit... 
What is the one CD you can't find?
I have been looking for this one for years on lp or cd: Third For Music by Alex Taylor (James brother) I am beginning to wonder if it exists.