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Room Treatment suppliers
I used Vicaoustics and am very pleased with the results.  OP, if you're interested, DM me and I'll send some pics.  Good luck and cheers.  
Confused with size of speaker to get when placed along long wall in large room
There are some very good recommendations already made here.  At your preferred listening levels it will be very hard for any pair of floorstanders to get you a smooth response and not sound thin.  I would strongly consider adding a pair of subwoof... 
I would strongly think that the streamer is the same across all products.  Maybe the DAC module is better in the master series?  Call 905-831-6555 and try to get in touch with Jade.  Good luck and cheers.  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I really sympathize with folks who live removed from metro areas and have no hi'fi shops.  When one buys new speakers there is always a large loss taken if the speakers are unsatisfactory and have to be sold.  I think I would be OK with buying spe... 
Best Covers
"All Along the Watchtower"  Hendrix covering Dylan  
Sharing a subwoofer between a Stereo and HT combination.
Until you have more room to work with...what about a great sounding pair of headphones? Fidelity wise this might be your best band for the buck.    
Hegel comparison
Both are great amps.  I've spent quite a bit of time with both and also the new 600.  The 590 will drive the bass harder and tighter but the 590 has a small dip in the midrange which makes the 390 sound "warmer" side by side.  I think it's the DAC... 
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Take a listen to band Blackberry Smoke.  Guitarist Charlie Starr plays quite a bit with Warren Haynes.  This should be right in your wheelhouse.    
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
"Supper's Ready"  by Genesis  
Is more amp power always better...?
I know this is frustrating but I've found that the manufacture's stated WPC has very little to do with true, usable power output.  One really has to do a deeper dive and either listen in person or get information from a trusted source like an info... 
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
Thanks for sharing that.   
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Acoustic room treatments is hands down my best purchase.  It makes EVERYTHING in the room sound better now and in the future!   
750$ Intel NUC vs $6000 Aurender N200: I don't hear the difference
Could be interesting if this was an apples v. apples comparison but it is not.  If this was a science lab experiment the grade would be an F.  
can subwoofers make things worse?
Sub placement will be key in a small room.  Try to locate the sub(s) anywhere but in-between the main speakers.    
DAC upgrade
I think this discussion is going in a good direction since the OP is a vinyl guy.  R2R DACs make a lot of sense.  I would take a look at the Holo Audio Spring 3.  It's a  true Non Oversampling R2R DAC (Denafrips is not) that will sound very analog...