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Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
Tell him to ignore tech specs, they mean nothing.  Listen to as much as possible and buy what you like.    
Does an upgrade make sense?
You already know this but the sound stage depth will be limited by how far your speakers are from the wall.  Since you can't move them further away from the front wall  I suggest removing the TV and filling the space with a diffuser.  This will ef... 
Room Too Dead
Not sure what you have up in the room so this may or may not help.  Possibly a quick and inexpensive fix:  Change the drapes.  Natural fibers (cotton, wool etc) will absorb sound but synthetic fibers (rayon etc) will reflect sound.  
Another Golden Ear test.
I need a beer after reading this, maybe three.  
Would you choose 1 ou 2 subwoofers for a stereo set?
TWO subs for sure….2 subs are sonically better than one, even huge one. I don’t think 2 10” subs will properly pressurize your space. Unless you’re only listening to acoustical jazz you will sense something is missing. I have multiple SBS subs tha... 
The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.
Lot's of great songs mentioned here.  I think I want to make a play list! Many of the songs mentioned are ground breaking but pretty old.  IMO pop began in the '50s and has been evolving since then.  I think to get to the greatest pop song one ha... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
Manual transmission vs. Dual clutch auto vs. No tranny EV.  They all get you there but are a different experience,  There is something for everyone but some require more skill and maintenance.    .    
Focal Aria 948
I'm a Focal owner, Sopra no2, her is my quick take on the Focals. They like being powered with an amp that has a high damping factor They are very sensitive to room placement They are front ported so they can be placed closer to the front wall ... 
RIP Jimmy Buffett
I miss Jimmy already, he was so much more than just a man on a stage.  Possibly the warmest and largest personality out there.  His last live performance was in San Diego 5/6/23.  I've already made a playlist from his setlist and I titled it:  Jim... 
RIP Jimmy Buffett
+1 @garebear  well said  
Anyone buy one yet? Thoughts?
@fuzztone  "No Tidal or Qobuz? What’s it stream, AM radio?"  LMAO I don't get why this was released without Tidal or Spotify connect.  Guess I can forget about XM Radio which I play for background music quite a bit.  
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Ruins the Song ‘Money’!
Pink Floyd is like a gourmet meal, thoughtfully prepared, well balanced and properly presented.   Roger Waters is like being force fed an all you can eat buffet, coarsely prepared, unbalanced, ultimately unsatisfying.     
Are Sales Down
One would think the summer is a seasonally weak time for demand & the holidays are prime time.  Remember the old stock market adage, "There is a price for every trade."  
Front or Back wall diffusers
You have a very nice system.  If you diffuse the front wall between the speakers they will image even better which is really saying something.  The idea of diffusion is to scatter the signal so the reflected sound doesn't return to the listener as... 
Best EXTERNAL DAC suggestions
Might want to check this....but if you're using the Node as a Pre then the output is an analogue signal.  Not sure how you work an external DAC into this configuration.