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need a power amp to run a set of infinity kappa 9s
Maybe Ralph's (Atmasphere) MA3 could do the job if you want tubes. 
Liquid Midrange' - strong side of which tube amps?
I think my Audiovalve Challanger 180 monoblocks using any of the 3 tubes for output (el34,6550 or kt88) produce the type of midrange you are discussing; I have Nola KO's and Soundlab M2's for speakers. 
Where can I find vifa m11mh-09-08 midrange drivers
If the speaker is damaged maybe Millersound in PA might be able to repair it for you.Bill LeGall is highly respected for his repairs and a conversation with him maybe worth your time.http://www.millersound.net/about.htm 
Cary 805 vs v12
Are you only interested in the Cary line up or would you try a VAC,VTL, or perhaps Manley? 
Electrician specializing in audio needed Buffalo
There must be some Local 41 guys looking for some extra cash from side jobs; do you see anything in the buffalo evening news or any of the bee magazines (Amherst,clarence,etc...) Maybe the guys at the speaker shop on main street can give you some ... 
Which desktop speakers to buy $800
Take a look at the swan speaker lineup; I bought the s200a and they do a very good job; only negative is no subwoofer.I found them to do very good job with all types of music and gaming (red orchestra 2 and rising storm). 
Subwoofer recommendation for jazz and rock
I think I would add HSU in the mix as well. 
My ceramic tweeter change to dark color - Help
Maybe it could be a heat related discoloration; I think roxy54 suggestion is a good one or calling a Avalon Dealer and getting their opinion as well. 
Oppo as a pre/pro
Saki give it a try and let your own ears tell you if it is better or worse. 
Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.
Gji sounds like a very nice amp. 
Oppo BDP-105D mods
Thankful and Oldears thanks for the additional information as they are 2 names I am not familiar with. 
amp or preamp to extend upper end
Evolving did you try Almarg's suggestion? 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
The dark side would that be David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright playing in your living room on 20.7s? 
What is the best OTL out there?
Another vote for Atma-sphere; not only for the product but for all the support after the sale as well. 
Oppo BDP-105D mods
I want to thank everyone who has responded so far.