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Tubes to solid state for amplifier path...
I live in northern Minnesota. I actually like the heat my MC275 gives off most of the time... 
VPI JMW9 Sig toneram cables - what do you use?
Cardas Neutral Reference 
Modwright 9.0SE Sig. versus Belles 21A
Thanks for your insights. I went ahead and ordered up a new Modwright. I figured since I like the phono stage so much, why the heck not? 
Ortofon Jubilee vs. Dynavector XX-2 Mk. 2
I believe the JMW-9 Sig is 14 grams effective mass. I ended up buying the Dyna XX2MkII. I was torn between this and the Jubilee. In the end, my dealer cut me a great deal, so that's what tipped me over the edge for the Dyna. I set it up and have a... 
Modwright SWP 9.0se, Anyone heard it?
I have an SWP9.0SE stand-alone phono stage. I replaced an Eastern Electric Minimax Phono with the Modwright. I am running a Dynavector XX-2 Mk. II and the SWP is very quiet with plenty of gain for this low output MC cartridge. It sounds GREAT! I d... 
Preamps with large display needed for bad eyesight
McIntosh - any current model 
phono stage placement
How long is "long"? Is 1 meter generally acceptable for MC? 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Rega Saturn 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
Mine was a Sony D5 portable CD player purchased new in 1986. It still works to this day! Amazing longevity after all it's been through. I bought during my college partying daze. 
Vibrapods under Bright Star for VPI Scout
I went from a Brightstar Big Rock to a Gingko Cloud 11 for my Scoutmaster. I am very happy with the results this change brought about. 
Shelter 7000 load capacitance
I think the internal impedance of the Shelter 7000 is 10 ohms. That would imply that an input loading of around 250 ohms would be a good starting point. 
speaker to big?
I had a pair of Gallo Ref 3.1's in my room, which is similar in size to yours. I could not get rid of boomy bass caused by standing waves. I sold them and bought a pair of Harbeth Compact 7ES-3's. These speakers integrate into my small room much e... 
choice of pre amp
McIntosh C220 
Harbeth M30 -
I'm about to sell my Gallo Reference 3.1's for a pair of Harbeth Compact 7ES-3's. The Gallo's are nice, but I find myself listening to the speaker's attention-grabbing characteristics rather than getting lost in the music. 
Speaker that has a resonant cabinet like guitar