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Conrad Johnson vs. McIntosh Tube Gear
I bought a new MC275 to drive my Gallo Ref 3.1 (88dB efficiency). This is not at all a "lush" amp. It is quick and lively. It mates very well with the Gallos, so much so that I bought a companion C220 preamp based on the experience. This is my fir... 
Michell Gyro SE upgrade to Orbe clamp?
I like the clamp. It is easier to use than the stock Gyro SE clamp. I find, like others, that it sounds best with the record clamped lightly, so that it is just barely flattened on the platter (i.e. not "he-man" tight). I am generally satisfied wi... 
Michell Tonearm Decoupling Kit- Anyone?
I added the kit to my Gyro SE with Technoarm. It was a very easy install. Even I could do it! But honestly, I can't tell any difference in sound quality. But mentally, I feel better about doing it because it was cheap, easy to do, and I trust Mich... 
Michell Gyro SE upgrade to Orbe clamp?
I'll let you know what I think of the upgrade once I've spent some time with it. Yeah, it was kind of pricey considering the physical pieces that you get! But, the new spindle was very easy to install using a bench vise and everything I've read ab... 
Michell Gyro SE upgrade to Orbe clamp?
Nevermind... I emailed Artech (U.S. distributor) and was told it should go concave side up with thin records and removed altogether for thick (180+ gram) records. Thanks anyway. By the way, Artech emailed me back with a concise, thorough answer wi... 
Tyler/Salk sensible alternatives to Gallos?
would the Gallos still reign in my world?The Gallos reign in my world. 
Gallo Ref 3's for musician?
I am using a Van Alstine Ultra 550 with my Gallo Reference 3.1 and it sounds GREAT! 
Personal speaker evolution
cheap Akai speakers (can't remember model)Bose cubes w/"subwoofer module" (model?)Spendor S5e (nice)Vandersteen 2Ce Signature (nicer)Gallo Reference 3.1 (yeah, baby!) 
Shelter 501 Mk II vs. Grado Statement Reference
Thanks for your replies. So, is the Shelter not a candidate on my RB-250 arm due to the low cartridge compliance, unless I do the modification? My RB-250 has the Michell Tecnoweight and VTA adjuster installed, as well as an Incognito cable upgrade... 
Preamp: AVA T8, Quicksilver, Mapletree 2A SE?
I have never owned a Van Alstine amp before the Ultra 550. To me, it sounds very neutral without an upper frequency bias. In fact, it is the most liquid, non-fatiguing amp I have ever owned. The low frequencies are both tight and extended. And the... 
Preamp: AVA T8, Quicksilver, Mapletree 2A SE?
I also have the AVA Ultra 550 amp. Mine is paired with an AVA Ultra SL hybrid preamp, which costs only a little more than the T8. I am very satisfied with this combo. I would assume that the T8 would also be a great match with the Ultra 550. Hope ... 
Speaker cables For Vandersteen 2CE sigs
I'm using Singlewire Stage with an internal "biwire" configuration. Sounds great to me.Jim 
What is best hybrid at sane price point?
How about the new Van Alstine Ultra series preamps and amps? 
Amp to power Model 2 Vandersteen speakers
I am currently running a Simaudio I-5 integrated amp, but I have a Van Alstine tube/SS hybrid preamp and power amp on order. The Simaudio (soon to be listed in the classifides) is quite nice, but I am very impressed with the hybrid tube design of ...