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Van Alstine or Bryston for me?
Ooops, I meant SongTower, not "TongTower"! 
Dynavector XX2Mkii with SME 309?
Thanks for your responses. That is what I thought but needed a little reassurance. I already have the cartridge and will be carrying it over to a new SOTA Nova turntable. I was trying to decide on a new tonearm, and my mind is now made up! 
Heaver grade vinyl vs Standard
I have standard weight records that sound as good or better than some of my heavier weight ones, and vice versa. I think the recording, mixing, mastering, and pressing quality have much more of an effect that how heavy the vinyl is. 
Who uses what Class 'd' modules?
Wyred 4 Sound uses ICE modules. 
speaker recommendations for a 12 x 12 room?
My system's in a room of similar dimensions. I have tried several speakers, but I've settled on Harbeth Compact 7ES-3's. These work very well in small rooms. I don't really miss the extreme low end, although I haven't tried a sub yet. 
Harbeth 7es-3 Sound
I listen almost exclusively to rock and I absolutely love my Compact 7ES-3's! I occasionally listen to jazz and mellow acoustic stuff, too, and I have to say that the Harbeths handle it ALL very well. The only thing I am tempted to try is a sub to... 
Transporter to Nuforce 9 SeV2 preamp search
I like my Modwright SWL9.0SE Signature. I haven't heard the 36.5 preamp, but I sure like my Modwright! It is very transparent. 
Opinions on Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps
I bought a pair of SX-500 mono amps to replace my McIntosh MC275 stereo amp. I am using the Wyred 4 Sound amps to power Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 speakers. I am using a Modwright preamp and phono stage. The Mac was great, but the Harbeths are already ... 
Cartridge advice in the $2000 range
I have the Dyna XX2Mk2. I like it much better than the Lyra Dorian I had prior. The Dyna is more refined. 
Can tubes ever be as quiet Solid State
My Modwright SWL9.0 line stage and SWP9.0 phono stage are astoundingly quiet, regardless of topology. 
SOTA vacuum or no?
Okay, it sounds like a vacuum system is definitely preferred to using a center clamp alone. I wonder how the VPI periphery ring clamp and center weight compare to the SOTA vacuum system in terms of effectiveness in flattening non-flat records. I r... 
Do McIntosh amps work best with McIntosh pres?
I use an MC275 with a Modwright SWL9.0SE Sig. preamp. This is a great combination. In fact, I prefer the Modwright to the Mac C220 I had previously. 
sweet, euphonic, reasonably powerful tube amp?
How about a McIntosh MC275? 
What is the best speaker for a smallish room?
Harbeth speakers sound great in small rooms. They are designed and tested in small rooms. Check out the Harbeth web site for more info. 
Interconnects with smooth highs 4 Manley Stingray
Blue Jeans LC1