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Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Good advice. Take a break and come back with fresh ears. If it still doesn't sound right you know there is a problem. 
Tube pre picking up feedback/vibration?
Newbee, I used EH tubes supplied by Audio Research in an SP-8 MKII with completely different results. That preamp with EH tubes became as neutral as any preamp I have heard. The OP may have a microphonic tube or the preamp is not setting on a soli... 
Tube pre picking up feedback/vibration?
"LS15 has poor design because their tubes are overbiased for the highest unnecessary voltage gain."This is from a guy who uses a Classe 30 and a Bryston 11B. Two solid state preamps that are inferior to the ARC LS15. Maybe you should consider a ne... 
Tube pre picking up feedback/vibration?
ARC checks their tubes, but tubes can change. I am sure they will gladly replace the defective tube. "LS15 has poor design because their tubes are overbiased for the highest unnecessary voltage gain."Whose opinion is this? Audio Research designs t... 
Tube pre picking up feedback/vibration?
Remove the top of your preamp and with the system on tap lightly on the tubes. The microphonic tube will be located by using this method. 
Krell KST-100
"It isn't the last word in detail but unlike your Maggies my Vandersteens aren't either."Is live music the last word in detail?All I hear is detail and transparency. What about pace, timing, timbre and musical involvement? Has listening to stereo ... 
Proceed PDT 3 & PDP 3
I used the PDT 3 and PDP 3 back in the 90's also. Since then I have made a few changes, but as I look back they were only sideways moves. You might be able to achieve the results you want with a different digital cable. 
Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
I think a lot of people confuse the word "change" with the word "upgrade". So, you seek out some of the best equipment designed by the best engineers around, but you are not satisfied or you need a fix. It is getting to the point that buying used ... 
Krell KST-100
LOL, The KSA series amplifiers were and still are some of the best amplifiers ever made. The KST-100 was a lower priced product and is not a KSA-100 in AB. There are many things to consider when setting up a system. I don't think you can point at ... 
Musical Fidelity A 3.2 current market value???
Ouch! I just checked your feedback. Maybe your brother should have someone else sell the amp for him. I wouldn't buy from you at any price with only 80% positive feedback. 
Musical Fidelity A 3.2 current market value???
The original price was $1495 in 2003. Get your facts right before trying to sell it. This is the kind of thing that causes problems with sales. 115wpc and weighing in at 28lbs. It doesn't look like anything too special. Advertise it for $750. Mayb... 
How important is +- 0.1 db from RIAA curve?
How do your cables affect that specification? 
When an amp puts out 90 watts....
"This is NOT the norm."It's the norm for some people. 
Cabin System
What's wrong with what you already have? 
We Have Arrived
If you think a stereo system will enhance the attractiveness of a home that is for sale you are dreaming. In fact, the more expensive the home the less likely you are to see stereo equipment.