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Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
Maybe MAS in the later 1980s. 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
It is my understanding the OP has moved on. 
Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
"I first became aware of after-market power cords in about 1985."Who was producing aftermarket power cords in 1985. Many companies were using IEC sockets and other types of detachable cords, but I do not recall the reason was to facilitate the use... 
ARC LS15: did they ever use Mundorf MCaps on it ?
"the key words are "as long as it's done right"."It was done right when it left the Audio Reseasrch factory. Have you ever seen the facility at Audio Research? If you did you would never trust some guy in his garage or little shop with no real kno... 
Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
Atmasphere, Years ago before you made your first preamp aftermarket power cords were not popular. 
Horrible early stereo mix
I don't have a problem with those recordings. I kind of like the separated sound and I appreciate the recordings for what they are. Many early jazz recordings are that way also and there is something special about how natural those recordings sound. 
Tandberg 3000a series
Nightcreatur, Tanberg is excellent equipment. The 3000A is an upgrade of the 3000 series with improved capacitors, resistors and numerous other parts. The 3001A is one of the best tuners ever made and the 3014A is one of the best cassette recorder... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
I think the record is 10,582 posts on the MM vs MC cartridge thread and it's still climbing. 
mixing tube brands
Jedinite, GE 6X4 are the best I have heard. 
Mofi makes some excellent points about Quad speakers and I agree, but when equipment doesn't sell it is usually the price. 
ARC LS15: did they ever use Mundorf MCaps on it ?
If you are truly interested in buying this preamp your best solution is to have the seller send it to Audio Research to be checked out. Once Audio Research has given it their approval they can forward the preamp to you after you have paid the sell... 
mixing tube brands
Yes, if you want to. It is totally up to you. What is the equipment in question? 
B & W 801 S3 bass alignment filter
Someone posting on your last thread about 801s owned several different bass alignment filters. Read through your last thread to find him and send him a message. I would go with the B&W bass alignment filter because I am a stickler for wanting ... 
New lease on life for a pair of Ohm F's
Contact Bill at Millersound 215-412-7700. Bill is the only person I would trust with driver repairs. If you cannot afford to do it now wait until you can do it right. Nothing beats a speaker without a crossover. 
low volume, microdynamics,body,presence, 10k used.
Zd542, Soundstage height is not the reason for tilting Vandersteens back. It's for aligning the drivers to your listening height and distance. I find electronics and system set up have a lot more to do with soundstage height. The same goes for the...