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how much to pay for this sensational setup?
What series B&W 801 and what model Krell amplifier? The condition is also a major factor. 
Does this speaker exist?
Dan, Yes, it exists in your dreams. Tired of the Dunlavys? I'm thinking about getting back into Dunlavy SCIV, but my back hurts everytime I think about it. I have always wondered how the SCIII compares. 
Are some of us losing our minds over upgrades??
I think it makes more sense to buy used upper end equipment instead of modifying your lower end gear. At least you have a shot at getting all or most of your money back should you decide to sell. I don't see buyers willing to pay for mods on the u... 
Sony XA5400ES vsCambridge Audio 840C???
"Plus, with the sony you can go the ModWright route, which takes the Sony to a completely different level."Key word is "different". 
Speakers with fullness and weight?
I agree with Charles1dad, Thin sound is not honest sound. 
Gallo 3.1s
'65 Mustang, Lousy car, Great hype. Did you know the first year Mustang was made so cheap the front suspension was damaged while being loaded on the transport trucks for new car delivery? 
Anyone have 1 or 2 Peerless 831727 speakers
Did you find the Peerless drivers you are looking for? 
Goodtube integrated
"I am using a ptimaluna dialogue 2 with kt88s and it a great, well made, self biasing integrated that is" Made in China. 
Gallo 3.1s
I would go with Gallo's recommendation. You can call Gallo and ask if your 3 channel amp will work, but I doubt it. 
New tubes or new preamp?
Buy 4 tubes or a preamp that costs more than double the price of your current preamp is an amusing question. I think NOS tubes have become extremely overrated. If you want your LS-15 to sound its best you should send it back to ARC for a complete ... 
Goodtube integrated
Manley Stingray. 
Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
06-24-13: Theduke"PSE Studio IV runs cool, sounds good! Perfect summer amp."Yes, but where do you find one? 
R.I.P. Bobby Blue Bland
One of my all time favorites. I can listen to Bobby Bland singing Stormy Monday anytime and enjoy it just as much. RIP 
Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
Atmasphere, Cardas may have been doing quite well in 1990, however, it was not with power cords. It was with speaker cables and interconnects. Power cords, to my recollection, did not even start to become popular until the late 1990s. The reason m... 
How to remove harshness from my digital gear
"06-23-13: GeoffkaitRrog, I can certainly understand what you mean, everything's relative. Weird the way we get used to the distortions , eh?"Like the distortions in vinyl?