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Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
Snofun3, You need to upgrade your AC. 
How to remove harshness from my digital gear
Geoffkait, Maybe you need to improve your system. 
How to remove harshness from my digital gear
"Most of the problem is related to the CD. Stock off the shelf CDs almost always sound harsh, tinny, thin, generic, boomy, grainy, two dimensional, distorted, uninvolving, boring and metallic."Really, you have all of those problems? I don't have a... 
How Good Is A Marble Slab at Deadening Vibration
Jim, It is my experience that hard surfaces like marble, granite and glass are not the best thing for sound quality. 
How to remove harshness from my digital gear
What most people think is digital harshness is usually something else in the system. No harshness from my Audio Research CD player. I stopped trying to mix and match transport, DAC and cable long ago and I am much happier. 
Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
There is a new invention called "Air Conditioning". 
Vertical placement of instruments....crazy
The new interconnects are passing more high frequency information. Don't like it? Go back to the old interconnects if you prefer a smaller sound. 
Having trouble with sound deadening
Yes, if the room is finished with sheetrock you remove the sheeetrock and extend it away from the studs with absorbing material instead of screwing the sheetrock directly to the studs. The more absorbing material you have the higher you have to tu... 
Muse Model 18 Subwoofer
When I owned the Muse 18 Kevin would not sell me the personality card. He was very rude and told me I would have to purchase it from a Muse dealer. My speakers at the time were Martin Logan CLS. They were also Kevin's speaker and he claimed the pe... 
ARC DS220/450 Distortion Levels
By bench test do you mean a test performed by a magazine? Audio Research has a much better facility than any magazine could ever dream of having and more intelligent people performing the tests. Why not contact Audio Research?Also, your Thiel 2.4s... 
Muse Model 18 Subwoofer
I would think twice before buying a Muse 18. To find out if a personality card is available for your speakers you must locate a dealer. I owned a Muse 18 when they were new and IMHO there are much better subwoofers available. 
Why does an audiophile grade power cord matter?
For amplifiers the gauge of the power cord has to do with current draw. Just because a standard Beldon cable looks ordinary has nothing to do with what is on the inside. Manufacturers have used a variety of cables depending on gauge and the type o... 
Why does an audiophile grade power cord matter?
We all know they change the sound. Now go back to your original power cords to hear the real difference. Do you remember which one goes where? 
Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
Atmasphere, The more I think about this the more it doesn't sound right. Atma-Sphere may have been installing IEC sockets in 1985, but I doubt it was for aftermarket power cords. Even 10 years later aftermarket power cord were not very popular. 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Deja vu