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Does Shelved Bass Help With 3D Effect?
I have never heard of shelved bass. What is it?"I think the bass sounds more natural with tubed components,more like live music."Sometimes and to a point, but if you want it all it takes expensive solid state with the right speaker. 
How to test balance between right and left channel
Brf is correct. In my experience even though the equipment is balanced equally from left to right the room is where the problem lies. This can also be frequency dependant. 
Matjet, It's not lousy sound it's concert sound. If you don't like it don't go. Stay home and listen to your stereo. 
Cause of different sound between dacs
The power supply and analog circuit have the biggest impact on the sound. 
Rating system insanity
The buyer is always taking a risk when buying used equipment. Fortunately, because this was a demo, the manufacturer stepped in to make things right. You should disclose the name of the dealer, so we can avoid similar unwanted transactions. 
Body for Maggies: Hegel Pass Sanders or Ncore?
If you want more body go with 1.6. Also more musical on my opinion. 
Body for Maggies: Hegel Pass Sanders or Ncore?
"I like ultimate texture, body, image density, inner detail, solid 3d imaging and still very precise timing for a pair of Magnepan Mg 1.6 or 1.7." That's all you want? Unfortunately you can't get there from here. Besides, 1.6 and 1.7 are totally d... 
Stillpoints and reference-level speakers
Psag makes a very good point. 
Why No Power Button on Some Phono Stages?
"While I do agree that it's optimal to listen to components when they are at operating temperature, I would like the option of turning off a device easily when I choose to..."Plan on several days for optimal sound with solid state devices. 
Why No Power Button on Some Phono Stages?
So, you want to choose a phono stage for sound quality, but you don't want to leave it on to get the best sound. 
will pimaluna dialogue7 monos drive b&w matrix801
No! Your best match is Mark Levinson. Look for a used 23 or 23.5. If you can afford more the No.20 monoblocks are the best I have heard with 801 series 2 and 3, but you must match with Mark Levinson preamp to get the best sound. 
Will high SPL subwoofers damage planar speakers?
There is no perfect speaker. Some speakers excel at rattling light cans from the ceiling and other speakers excel at nuance and truth of timbre. They all have their place and everyone has different taste. 
Will high SPL subwoofers damage planar speakers?
"Quad's on the other hand will go into protection mode if played over about 95db."The protection circuit is not saving Quads from damage. 
Will high SPL subwoofers damage planar speakers?
Quad 989 speakers will be damaged with high volume levels and they are very expensive to repair. If you listen at high volume this is not the speaker for you. 
Do Active Speakers Belong In A High End System?
Harley,Too much of that sound is built on unrealistic staging and imaging. Never been to a concert that had soundstaging. But, some people like that.Not only do they like it, they consider their stereo to be the reference above live music instead ...