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Do Active Speakers Belong In A High End System?
I think we have all forgotten about the Acoustat X and Beveridge 2SW-2. Not high end enough for you Bhobba? 
Primaluna prologue 2 based system upgrade
"thanks for the answers. Ill try to stick with the primaluna"This approach is backwards. 
Help with Theta Ds Pro Gen V
I wouldn't count on Theta. 
Primaluna prologue 2 based system upgrade
From my experience I have found electronics have everything to do with speakers disappearing and your system will never perform to your satisfaction without the the right electronics. 
Value of B&W 801 S-2 Speakers
What is fine condition? I know excellent condition and good condition, I even know poor condition, but I don't know fine condition. 
Do Active Speakers Belong In A High End System?
Onhwy61 is correct. Eliminating the passive crossover, installing an electronic crossover, matching amplifiers to drivers and bi-amping or tri-amping all add up to better sound. 
Breaking in of CD player?
Just listen to music. 
Primaluna prologue 2 based system upgrade
How about a speaker friendly amplifier. My friend tried a Primaluna. He didn't own it very long. Try a used amplifier from Audio Research, VTL, Manley or Conrad Johnson. You get what you pay for. If the new price is too high buy used. 
Do Active Speakers Belong In A High End System?
Active speakers may be higher end. The amplifiers and speakers are matched and the best speaker cable is no cable at all. 
Audio room floor question
Leave the carpet and pad. Read Mapman's post above. I also have carpet over concrete and it is the best sounding room I could ever ask for. 
"Cacophonous" I always enjoy learning new words. 
Speaker Cables For Big Horns & Tubes
Cardas used to make a very efficient speaker cable designed for low powered amplifiers. I do not see it listed in their product line at this time, but maybe you can call Cardas for more information. 
08-01-13: Matjet"My son says, in jest, that I have ruined it for him."You have also ruined it for yourself.  
This topic has been discussed previously. Many audiophiles believe Live music should sound like their stereo system. I believe this type of thinking is ludicrous and a good reason why one system can't do it all. We have all heard about "sins of om... 
What to replace CAL ALPHA dac
Oddiofyl, I have said the same thing about many items I have owned in the past, but I always wonder if I would like it as much now as I did then.