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Schiit Gungnir DAC - anyone have one of these?
I didn't know jack about Schiit until this thread, but after a little research this company should be impressive. It would be hard to go wrong with Mike Moffat of Theta digital designing the DAC. 
Bi-wire speaker cables for ProAc speakers
Have you considered ProAc speaker cables? 
I Need Help
If you think the bass is fine don't mess with it. 
sound at the record store
"IS IT ME?"Yes, it's you. 
R.I.P. Bobby Blue Bland
Garebear, How do you know that? 
New tubes or new preamp?
"I put a NAD C162 pre-amp into this system (not my main system). It's my back-up pre-amp. The NAD is full sounding with good bass."Did you leave the SP-9MKIII powered on all the time? If you did not leave it powered on you never heard it. So now y... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Csontos, Ok, I'll bite. What did you learn? 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Yep, I agree. 
Does this speaker exist?
"Funny, as others have observed, these topics eventually reach a point where every product on the market is recommended."Are you surprised? 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
So, what did you learn? 
Closest DAC to Vinyl Sound?
So, you want a DAC that sounds like a piece of plastic with grooves cut into it which created a terrible noise, so the RIAA (like Dolby) was applied in an attempt to reduce the noise, but really created its own set of distortions. And now you are ... 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
"The spirit of assistance was strong in this thread."But why didn't it end a long time ago? 
Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
You guys need your AC units checked. Mine is whisper quiet. 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
Heyraz, Do you think one woofer out of phase would only be noticeable after one hour of listening day after day?Csontos' joke is necessary to keep things light. We need more light hearted comments like his to make the forum enjoyable. Afterall, we... 
what are the Best Direct to amps Digital Players ?
"Sounds Real Audio is a Bricasti dealer. That however in no way affects his opinions."Of course not.