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25 Watt Tube Amp for 90db Speakers?
Not all 25 watt amplifiers are created equal. To me watt ratings on amplifiers is a lot like horsepower ratings for cars. 
Volume control for power amp
All amplifiers should be the same. 
Some is good, then more is better?
I am surprised nobody mentioned different types of dielectric in the various models of cables and how it affects the sound. 
RIP Amar Bose
Timrhu, The band was Derek and the Dominos. (Eric Clapton) 
Omar Bose...
'At least I can take the time to spell the man's name correctly;"Congratulations! Maybe someday you will take the time to learn about respect for the dead. 
RIP Amar Bose
"I know Bose gets bashed a lot around here, but no one can deny he had a huge impact on audio."The bashing is the result of rumors started by high end audio reviewers and manufacturers who can only continue to build the same speakers over and over... 
Omar Bose...
Viridian, You post in totally inappropriate. Have some respect. 
Does amp output V decrease by adding gain stage?
4V output is low for a preamp too. 
Listening chair suggestions
Hevac1 is right. I have experienced the same thing. High back leather chairs will cause reflection problems much like having your chair against the wall. With a high back chair made of leather it's best to throw a blanket over the back. 
R.I.P. Bobby Blue Bland
Garebear, I totally agree Bobby Bland's voice was very special, but I do not hear his influence on the Almon Bros Band. 
Can old equip work with today's technology
Buy more CDs and expand your collection. Pandora is ok, but I never hear the song I want. 
Schiit Gungnir DAC - anyone have one of these?
Hard to listen to? Glare? I find this hard to believe. 
sound at the record store
Some people are fortunate enough that they can enjoy music played back on anything. 
Audio room floor question
"I treated the area in front of the speakers with area carpets and used room treatment to tame any reflections."Catfishbob, This is what you will be facing with concrete, tile or hardwood floors. If you carpet the listening room floor you will eli... 
sound at the record store
As I recall, the sound at record stores has never been good. I agree with Stevecham. I would question the deal. Why would the store offer you an $800 record for $300?