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Best fuses for under $50?
I just assembled some fuzes with genuine horse crap impregnated which allows current to flow faster and cleaner and will sell them for 75$ each. It's a steal at this price as nothing else conducts like crap!Or you could save your money for a Reel ... 
Mcintosh mc-601 or 1201 ?
No double gets you only 3db more.  No more No less 
MRI grade vs Hospital grade electric outlets
ITS ELECTRICITY THAT COMES FROM AN OUTLET,NOT SOUND.Contact pressure is the primary difference between good and bad outlets.You can believe the hype,I'll put my money on more music buying, that's why I buy my equipment. 
Which preamp is better C50 or C2500 for MC402?
Or go with the Aesthetix Calypso and go to a whole new level.I have Mac 501's with the C2200 and have heard this combo ( Aesthetix Calypso )and wow do they make a great PRE.. 
You should look at Roger Sanders speakers from Sanderssoundsystem.Very seldom do you see them for sale used, and for good reason, there great sounding speakers! 
HIGH Quality Electric Service Panel
I ran 4 dedicated 10awg romex to 4x4(2 duplex 20a outlets)boxes every 4 feet in my theater/2 channel room and it worked without issue.But then again I don't spend on snake oil either. 
New listening room electrical design
When I had my room wired I used nothing but 4x4 boxes with 2 duplex 20a outlets each(4 plugs per box) every 6' with 10ga wire and 2 to 3 circuits,you don't want to open up walls later if you change the room around.I originally seperated amps and e... 
ATI amplifiers
I've had my 1505 for 15 yrs or so and still sounds and runs great in my HT setup. 
Vincent PHO-8
I ended up with the Lehmann Black Cube SE and love it. 
110 (or 120) vs 220
Also Audio equipment doesn't draw that much current to warrant 220v 
110 (or 120) vs 220
Never ran across no 2 pole breakers feeding audio equip in NEC.Only advantage would be 1/2 current so you could use small gauge wire. 
How many pair of speakers do you own?
Dedicated Line Advise
Your mixing phase and leg. There are one 2 legs split from one phase.Read some of these replys to the phase question, they are in layman terms. 
UPgradeing dedicated line components
Why not install a small reactor in the basement and eliminate the 6 million feet of feed line, bad connection , inline service fuses , noisy transformers and years of oxidation. Ground it properly and use quality outlets that have a firm grip on y... 
What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
TBG, You must be open minded. I just think its great entertainment you know, a fool and his money.