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Netflix dvd
I couldn't get the DD or any other multitrack out of it. I had to use a simulated format which isn't that good. I popped my copy of waterworld in and DD popped right up on my Marantz 7005 pre, so my settings were correct. Looks like i'm back to re... 
Upscale RCA Jacks - McIntosh
Solid, proper AWG conductors are what matters. And all the extra money that I keep instead of giving it to the manufacturers is well spent on MUSIC, which matters the most in my hobby. 
Fuses that matter.
Your correct, it's America. My belief is that electronics companies would really benefit from this upgrade for very little money, do you think they would discount it if it was true. 
Fuses that matter.
Not sure if anyone knows that these are fuses that feed transformers, no signal at all goes through them. The 60-80$ fuses are in line with miles and miles of wire before you plug it in the wall. SPEND MONEY ON MUSIC.... 
Mc Intosh vs other brands
Mac must be doing sonething right. YOUR ALL STILL TALKING ABOUT THEM 
Amplifier for Quads
Curious how cary v12r would sound. I have one put away if I find a pair someday to try. 
Price paid for top end equipment
In 2004 I bought a Cary V12R stereo amp from the owner of a local store for 30% of list,He told me he marks up around 40% and gives deals like this to larger purchases. A year later I went back and got another one (because of the discount)at the s... 
Dielectric grease and tubes
Battery grease is what your talking about. Its used for corrosion on DC powerplant connections, and is conductive. 
Best subwoofer for music under $1,000
Ive heard great things about HSU Research.[] 
Fuses that matter.
I have some that were conditioned under the northern lights(very transparent) and there only $199 a piece if your interested? 
Gold CD Dealbreaker?
Change the fuses, now your talkin........ 
How many LP's do you own? How long did it take?
Approx 15k, to many to measure so I measured 100 took that measurement and divided it into total inches of albums to get approx volumeMy back is in no shape to bend and count. I own mostly everything but love is 50-70 Jazz, Blue note and all the g... 
What is the function/pupose of music plyr/streamer
The music streamer is the DAC. You can take usb out of the mac, through the music streamer and into your computer, then ad a good software program (I use JRiver) of your choice to tie system together. You can also use external hard drives for file... 
Quality 15 Amp Right Angled Plug
Home Depot, It's not passing line or speaker level signals just V and I. Boy am I in the wrong racket when you get 90.00 for right angle plugs that are Hubbel at best. 
Sometimes my system sounds great, sometimes awful
The only thing I notice is that things do sound better after a few hrs of being powered on and everything has come up to operating temperature.