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Why does Cary Audio keep discontinuing good amps?
Dennis since 2009 isn't the big cheese anymore, he's retired. Maybe the new big cheese doesn't know what he wants. BTW I still have 2 stereo V12R's I pull out periodically for a change of pace. Still sound good. 
Maggie as a second set
It's a pretty large space, good point. 
Ohio Vinylohiles, and other who love analog fronts
Might want to try play it again sam in lakewood ohio.His prices are not the best but theres lots of vintage to new stuff to look at,like a walk down memory lane. 
Best subwoofer under $1,500 for Magnepan 3.6R
I've heard nothing but good things about Hsu research subs.Sold factory direct I believe. paradigm are pretty good but may cost a little more for ones that will reach deep down.I use velodyne F1... 
Keeping up on new releases, reissues, etc.
I love buying from goodwill or the like for 2 bucks.I've bought hundreds, but you have to be patient.Found al stewart year of the cat mfsl for $2.It seems to be a bigger thrill when you find deals cheap. 
ATI 1505 Multichannel or Adcom GFA 7700
I've run the ati for about 12 years or so and just upgraded my pre from sherwood newcasle 9080 to marantz 8004. Never felt urge to change power amps. I run Mac mc352 and 2 cary v12r's for 2 channel, so i've got stuff to compare to, and it sounds v... 
Power Cable options for Levinson 300 series
I'd bet ML knows a heck of alot more than us and decided the correct gauge will make a difference not some esotericmaterial. The power just came down how many miles of god knows what, not to mention step down transformers and such.Save your money ... 
vintage tuner: McIntosh or Sansui?
Macs do keep their value, but have to say after finding a Tandberg 3001 tuner the mac is now on the basement shelf with some unused equipment. 
Is Monster cable getting better?
I to used to think cables were difference makers,but never quite understood how other people heard differences and I didn't. Then I started reading more technical papers and got away from the magazines and cable advertising ads.Try some of these l... 
Is Monster cable getting better?
I would say that they're all (nothing but marketing).Buy sturdy,well made and correct size cable and spend the rest on the music. 
Van Halen or Van Hagar
Nomatter who you like,ya gotta enjoy this. 
Pass amps + Power Cords ??
12 Gauge. 
before/after cryo reviews?
No diff I ever noticed, Instead of giving money to the marketing staffs',buy more listening material.... 
Any suggestions for top-end home-made cables?
Look into canare 4s11 cable,its cheap and will save you alot of time. Don't fall into the magic of high priced cables,get well made cable with good connectors and call it a day. 
Van Halen or Van Hagar
Both were different but in the end I thought Hagar took them much further.