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The iPod and the Audiophile
if you hookup ipod to stereo, is volume adjusted on ipod, or on the stereo or both, like on a computer and computer speakers? 
Seeking hot running amps
tubes are welcome. my audio research sp16 (6 tubes) emits a little heat. I want to heat and warm the room at the same time. 
speaker cables for b&w
most of the speakers on b&w webiste required 0.1 or 0.2 impedance. 
typical "shelf-life" of phono cartridges?
I emailed Grado this exact question and they replied there was no need to change cartridges because of this. They said you hear a loss of hi frequencies when you need to change cartridges. 
KEF 104/2 vs 105/3
what amps are good with the 105.3 speakers? (Mine sounds sounds loud compared to previous speaker) 
good cd/sacd players for classical music.
Yes, players which play SACD And CD. 
sound of new CJ vs AR tube preamps?
thanks. this corresponds to my impressions of Conrad Johnson solid state preamp. 
McIntosh MC275 vs Conrad Johnson Premier 11A
To "chazzbo"- Is it true all conrad johnson tube amps are "noisy"? 
good cd/sacd players for classical music.
I have Sony and have heard Rotel. No modded players. Under $1000. 
Effect of static on cd players
also what about the effect on amplifiers? Why don't manufacturers design prevent this? 
Amplifier problem
It works now. I think it as my speaker connection. Thanks 
get newer turntable?
(thanks) What does this mean, "modified" regar planar? What's the difference between p3 and p25? Do these require any adjustment likecartridge weight or tracking force? What's the purpose of those adjustments?) 
which nad amp sholuld I get?
Thanks, I am not wondering about power,but do all nad amps sound the same? I will go listen. 
which nad amp sholuld I get?
I am using b&w bookshelf speaker and my room is 11x12' 
which nad amp sholuld I get?
I dont want more power, just reserve power for orchestral peaks (exactly)