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$3K used balanced I/O preamp suggestions
is it possible to measure hi or lo impedance with home tools? 
future of 2 channel CD sound
why are CDs limited to 16bit, not 20 bit+ 
future of 2 channel CD sound
I dont understand why hard drive recording (studio recording) is 24 bit+ but CD is only 16 bit? 
Marantz sa 8260: buy or run away
maybe other marantz models are less reliable? 
future of 2 channel CD sound
have you compared the sound with regular CD, sacds? 
Mark Levinson Where is the Emotion??
try listening to other DACs, also there is a post about reference DACs you might read. 
Best LP cleaner fluid for fingerprints
do these methods work well for CDs? 
hissing through ipod
Maybe the Mini has hissing from electrical cicuit noise or I need a new sound card or I need contact cleaner. Sounds like tape hiss. Maybe need to go Apple store. 
hissing through ipod
I fixed it. Sound was set to TV out. 
Top ten tube preamps
Also add what kind of sound you like- neutral, warm, etc. 
behringer vs rives
Someone said behringer 2496 is 1/6 not 1/3 octave. is this important? 
Good amp repair shop in L.A.?
Audio Specialist seems best with oldest type of equipment.For anything else they don't seem to do in depth diagnosis/repair as I have personal experience with repair which was later inspected by manufacturer.  
input sensitivity
Two Arcam amps claim 2.5mv and 700mv. Is this normal? 
Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?
Darkj, I noticed you have martin logan. Vs Magnepan how are they? 
kef ref 2 vs 104
yes I mean 104.2 vs newer Reference series.