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Los Angeles Electronic Service
what is mitch sugeman's phone number or address if he has a store? 
Pioneer Plasma for Video + DVD + PC ?
gigiandgogo, what dvd player do you recommend? 
poweramp tube matching
what about tubes in input stage, do they have to match? 
Classe CDP-1.5, 1 or .5 experience??
I have same problem with 0.5. But sounds very smooth. 
Air tight ATM 211 and MAXX
did you get your problem fixed? 
Anyone wish they had a rumble subsonic filter?
bryston preamps with phono has this. 
Bel Canto Evo II or S300
I have evo2 and s300i. I haven't listened much so I can't make a detailed comparison. But newer models seem more neutral, less colored l 
power reserves
yes. I read Mccormack and NAD amps use the multiple smaller = faster thinking. I was wondering if it sounds better? Why are there 2 schools of thought. It sounds to me that thereis no single formula to getting a good sounding amp. 
watching dvd w subwoofer
mt tv has 1 input jack, but sub has 2 input and output. why does sub have 2 (left and right?) 
Amps with low gain
Ngjockey- "The Promethius TVC's (am I spelling that correctly?) are a bargain but don't have features of the Bent Audio TAP or Placette. " What features are you talking about?Herman- Do cassette decks have low output impedeance? Which cdp have lo ... 
Amps with low gain
Sorry I am not looking for lo gain, but lo input sensitivity so I have more volume control. 
watching dvd w subwoofer
my tv has a subwoofer jack, manual says I can use a mono cable to the sub. Can I do this just to watch TV? 
Top vs flat loading cd transport
if levinson use their own transports if must be expensive too replace!My question is why philips cd pro top loaders vs philips flat loaders- for durability, looks/feel (like turntable), rather than better sound quality? 
musical fidelity sound?
my question was too vague. I am asking specifically about their cd players/dac if they have a distinct sound from other companies. 
musical fidelity sound?
if its neutral maybe it goes well with b&w speakers?