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DL 103
If I remember correctly your Audible Illusions pre already have a MM phono section, you can add a step up transformer or get a MC phono preamp to amplify the signal. Look for a used Musical Fidelity phono which can be had for less than $250 here o... 
Classical music for newbie
Yes, I've found quite a few good classical for a buck or two. But if you want demo quality to show off a system, then the ones I mentioned above should be top of the list. I usually buy the new remastered version from places such as acoustic sound... 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
Tough to pick just three, but here are my favorite to show off a system.1) The Firebird - Antal Dorati - London Symphony Orchestra - Mercury Living Presence2) Scheherazade - Rimsky Korsakoff - Fritz Reiner - Chicago Symphony - RCA Living Stereo3) ... 
VPI Scout to Michell Orbe SE
A few over at vinyl asylum prefers the thinner platter Gyrodec to the Orbe, but yes, majority do prefer Orbe. I had a Gyro SE and have gone through the process of upgrading it up to Orbe level and just giving you my honest opinion. It's not aways ... 
VPI Scout to Michell Orbe SE
Michell Orbe and Gyrodec sounds very much different from each other. The Orbe sounds noticably darker due to the denso damp that Michell applies and the thicker platter. The Gyrodec sounds lighter, slightly faster.I wouldn't say the Orbe is head a... 
Gyrodec arm suggestions help?
The SME arms were used during the design of the Michell tables, I would think it'll be a good match. I've also use the Morch DP-6 with excellent results when I had your table. 
"New" arm?
The Morch DP-6 is actually a dual pivot so it doesn't flop around like a uni. I find the DP-6 sounds even better after a couple glasses of out of date grape juice;) 
RB300 Rewire or Graham Robin for my Gyrodec ?
If you rewire your rega with pure silver wire, this makes a big difference. I followed directions from a page called Hotrod Rega a few years ago but can't seem to find it anymore. If you need a recommendation for silver wires let me know. The whol... 
"New" arm?
How about a Morch arm, they are within your budget used and have different arm wand options to match a variety of cartridge. Not sure if it's significantly better than your FT-3, but the Morch is just a hair under today's top arm. 
questions for TW Acustic Raven One owner
Thanks for all the input guys.Jdolgin, may I ask what's your system, what table did you have before? 
questions for TW Acustic Raven One owner
My arm also uses silver wiring plus my phono and cart is extremely revealing so I think the Raven One will fit in well. I do plan on adding the ttweights copper mat for some top end sparkle if neccessary.Jaspert, what table did you end up going to? 
questions for TW Acustic Raven One owner
I will be using the R1 with ZYX airy 3 cart., Morch DP 6 arm, and Tom Evans the Groove phono. My cart and phono are extremely detailed and high resolution, this combo borders on brightness at times in which I've already tamed with my cabling. I th... 
Hum...ZYX with Tom Evans Groove Need suggestions
I did get the hum resolved today!!!Moved the amps away from the Groove, the hum remained. So I moved the preamp further away from the Groove by switching places with the CD player on the rack. The system is much quieter now...the Groove is not the... 
What is the most analog sounding CD player under $
Try the Vincent Audio tube cd player, very analog sounding and within your price range used. The hard part is finding it used though. I owned it for 3 years so I'm very familiar. 
Hum...ZYX with Tom Evans Groove Need suggestions
Thanks for all the input guys...haven't had a chance to try your suggestions due to my busy schedule.Connorjr33, was it your amp or preamp power supply that was causing the hum?