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Surround Speakers for B&W
Why not go for a pair of B&W M-1 or the older LM-1 for surrounds. 
Hum...ZYX with Tom Evans Groove Need suggestions
Yes, I have tried different interconnects with different geometries, the slight hum remains. A fellow on a different forum recommended that I open up and add another ground to the Groove which I have done but it didn't improve. I will probably be ... 
Hum...ZYX with Tom Evans Groove Need suggestions
Thanks for your responses.Stanwal, yes I have tried cheater plugs. Can you explain more on grounding system to center screw on AC outlet.I have connect the tonearm ground wire to different places in my system with no improvement.G_m_c, I have move... 
ZYX Airy 3 or Atmos
ok, ok it's the best I've heard. I have setup tools you can use when you're ready. It's exciting to know a few of my audio friends are getting into analog. 
ZYX Airy 3 or Atmos
Hi Ish, I'm glad you liked what you heard from my setup.I'm the fellow that loaned Gallant Diva the Gyro/Morch/Airy 3 combo. Diva does have very high standards and his system is among the best I've listened to.You're getting great recommendations ... 
Musical Speakers
Look for a used pair of Quad speakers, I've had the floorstanding 22L, and 12L, 11L monitors, they are very musical and highly thought of in the UK and US. I just love the high gloss real wood cabinets on these speakers. Within your price range used. 
Speakers with good Bass recommendation
Look for a used pair of Quad 22L, very good bass and soundstage. I just love the high gloss real wood cabinets on these floorstanders. Within your price range used. 
Looking for New Speakers - Suggestions
I second Legacy speakers, even the smaller models can play loud, nice at lower volumns also. They are easy to drive and a good value. 
Tube Pre Amp replacement for Manley Shrimp.
Audio Valve Eklipse would be another pre in your price range to look at if you can find used. Highly rated by the audio press of late.Extremely tight bass and a open natural sound. Uses 3 tubes with remote. Does take a week or so to settle in.Joul... 
Help me down grade
I had small system like what you're looking for now a few years ago. Wonderful sound, beautiful to look at, and within your budget if bought used.Quad 11L speakers, Antique Sound Labs integrated tube amp, and a cd player such as an NAD, Cambridge ... 
Best Speakers under USD 2,000 Second Hand Price
A room that large is perfect for a pair of Legacy Audio Focus or Focus 20/20, these are wonderful and go down very low . There's a pair of Focus now for $2000 here on A'gon. 
need help on transparent sounding 12au7 tubes
Thanks to all.I've read that the RCA clear top I'm using are considered clear and not tubey. Last night, the system sounds amazing, and my initial feeling on this pre may be wrong, I have to listen more to know if I need to change tubes at all.As ... 
Shindo lab pre amps
Mikeyc8,Agreed, most people are just not into the retro look, I've always like the McIntosh look, but many don't care for it.My new preamp is kinda retro, but not a Shindo, maybe a poors man Shindo. 
need help on transparent sounding 12au7 tubes
Thanks for all the great recommendation, this is good information to know, will certainly use these recommendation down the line. I plan to clean the pins of the RCA's this weekend, should I use Silclear on it (silver enhancer)?I just listened to ... 
Shindo lab pre amps
The look of Shindo is very appealing imo, I'm sure it sounds fantastic with what's been said. Maybe something in my future.