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How to setup a home theater system
With all due respect, your instructions and diagrams can be found in the user manual of any AV receiver and your personal opinions had devalued the rest. Personal opinions are perfectly fine for a message board posting but in my opinion, they are ... 
Which HDMI cable for SACDs
I second Monoprice. There is no need to pay more. 
Want to try vinyl - What equipment do I need?
I remember the Denon AVR-3300 has a built-in phono input. If you use regular MM cart, you don't need to purchase a separate phono amp. But if you want to try low output MC cart, you will need to get a step-up transformer or a separate MC phono amp. 
Is Teres turntables still in business?
Its website is still active so I assume it is still in business. But on the safe side, if you want to order from them, you might want to give them a call first. It phone number is on its website. 
Can I Improve Sound--Macbook Pro as Music Server?
Have you tried Audirvana Plus? It sounds different from PureMusic. You may like it better. It has a 15-day trial as well. 
Vandy 5a's spider cracks in heads
My pair of Vandy 5 has the same cracks and I had called Richard about it. He told me it is normal and there is nothing to fix. 
Anyone Listening to DSD files?
If you have a DSD DAC and are interested in comparing the SQ of DSD and PCM, you can download some sample tracks from the link below. It has three songs with tracks in 24/96 PCM, 24/192 PCM, and DSD formats.You will need to register to get to the ... 
VPI is Introducing a high-end Direct Drive Table
Thanks for the report. Is that DD motor a DC motor or an AC motor? Did Harry mention how the speed was controlled? I am just curious. 
Simon Yorke and VPI
What cart did you use it with? Is it possible that the cart just happens to be better matched with the VPI? 
Oppo BDP-95 Weakest Link
All the players you listed cost many times the price of an Oppo. IMHO, I believe the money will be better spent elsewhere. 
How do I rip music from a concert DVD?
I use a $40 program called DVD Audio Extractor. 
Cartridge rings at certain high frequencies
Have you checked the cartridge loading on the phono pre amp? I don't have the AT33EV but the standard loading for most MC cartridges is 100 ohm. I suggest you start with that and adjust it up or down accordingly - lower loading to reduce ringing, ... 
How much magnification required to see stylus?
IMHO, 15X magnification is the minimum, higher will be better. 
Sub-woofer hum problem
It is obviously a ground-loop problem. There are usually three ways to solve this.1. Use star grounding. It means plug everything into one power strip.2. Use cheater plug.3. If both 1 and 2 failed, you can use a RCA ground-loop isolator like the J... 
The Weavers
There are different musics for different audiences. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is crap. I like Weavers much better than many of the modern performers who seem to be in a race to see who can scream louder. But many people like t...