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Another audio dealer closes his shop
A friend of mine said "entry-level" is the one you are using, "high-end" is the one you want but can't afford. 
Another audio dealer closes his shop
Nowadays, a pair of speaker can easily cost $5k. So what the shop owner said was effectively he couldn't even sell 6 pairs of speakers in a month. This is really troubling to hear. 
Found the ground loop hum source, how to fix?
Or use the Viewsonics VSIS-EU ground loop isolator. It works just as well as the Jensen at less than half the price. You can find it on 
Best AV processors for under $10K
I second the Casablanca III. 
Is there a perfect speaker?
@ Tom6897, very true. Those who prefer Bose don't know how lucky they are for they have saved a lot of money. 
Is there a perfect speaker?
A perfect speaker is the one with zero harmonic distortion, ruler flat frequency response from 0Hz to 100KHz (some may argue it needs to go even higher), zero phase shift, 360 degree uniform dispersion, unlimited dynamic range, 100% linearity and ... 
wiring monoblocks to speakers
In general, it is better to have long interconnects and short speaker cables because the effect of interconnect is far less than speaker cable.However, if you are in a noisy environment and your interconnects aren't well shielded, than it will be ... 
Cartridge for my system? Your wisdom is needed
If you want ultra-resolution, Dynavector 17d3 is hard to beat but its price is a little out of your range. The discontinued 17d2 MkII will be in your price range. It is just as good but you should look for unopened NOS box. I will recommend agains... 
Decent power strip
My suggestion is not to buy from the company targeting audiophiles because they are usually overpriced. Instead, look for the ones used by professional musicians. The brand I like is Furman. It makes all kinds of power filters and conditioners. If... 
Is it all in my head?
If you can't hear any difference than there is no difference. I wouldn't worry about it. After 30 some years in this hobby, I have learned that what is really important is in enjoying the music rather than chasing after every little change differe... 
Self powered speakers for Benchmark Dac1 Pre
Second Focal CMS50. 
The issue of lowballing... What does that mean?
In general I agree that staying "lowballers will be ignored" doesn't make sense but I wouldn't get upset over it. Please realize that many people here aren't professional sales. They most likely do buying much more often than selling. I know I am.... 
SHELTER - 501II CARTRIDGE on Technics 1200 Table
Shelter and SL 1200 aren't good match. Shelter needs a heavier arm. 
Who makes the highest quality tube amps?
@Zd542, Tube amp from Krell? 
Help With System hum, Please
Do you experience hum playing other source? Does it happen only with vinyl?